Duggar fans shocked as pregnant Jessa wears skinny jeans in new YouTube video despite family's strict dress rules

DUGGAR fans were surprised to spot a pregnant Jessa wearing skinny jeans in a new YouTube video.

The family observes a strict dress code that usually only permits women to wear skirts or dresses.

Jessa posted a new YouTube video of her children and husband, Ben, accompanying her to her ultrasound appointment.

Viewers noticed she was wearing black skinny jeans with a cream-colored top.

Some commented on the DuggarsSnark Reddit account: "It just really makes me mad that they still will only wear skirts on TV. We aren’t stupid, we know y’all all wear pants so not sure who you’re trying to fool."

Others wrote: "Dare I say it, she looks pretty good in them. I think all of the women except probably Anna will move on to wearing pants regularly. It’s a good move for publicity purposes because their fans seem to think that women wearing pants = no longer bigots in a cult."

Another said: "Now she just needs to cut the hair! You can do it!!"

Jessa's outfit shocked viewers because of her father, Jim Bob, and his stringent rules for their Christian lifestyle. 

Duggar women are not allowed to show their legs or dress in a revealing manner.

They also cannot wear pants.

Jessa's older sister, Jill, as well as their cousin, Amy, has also been seen in gym shorts, strapless tops, and jeans.

Jessa was recently slammed for referring to deviled eggs as angel eggs.

She explained on this week's Counting On Easter special, Counting Now: A New Life: “We’re gonna be having an Easter brunch together, and we’re going to use these there to make angel eggs.”

The TLC star relayed when she was growing up, her mom told her: “I don’t like the name deviled eggs. These are so yummy, they should be called angel eggs.”

When Michelle put her foot down and made the name change, it just “kind of stuck,” and now it’s what they call the dish.

Duggar Family Tree

How many children and grandchildren do Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have?

  • Jim Bob and Michelle are parents to 19 children
  • The couple have nine girls and 10 boys and all of their children have names which begin with the letter J
  • Joshua, Jana, John-David, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, Joy-Anna, Jedidiah, Jeremiah, Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn-Grace and Josie, were all raised in the family home in Tontitown, Arkansas

In February, Jessa and husband Ben announced to ET they were expecting their fourth child.

They shared in a statement: ”After the heartbreaking loss of a baby last year, we’re overjoyed to share that another little Seewald is on the way!

"The pregnancy is going smoothly, and both baby and Jessa are doing well. We are so grateful to God for the precious gift of a new life! The kids are delighted, and we can hardly wait to welcome this little one into our arms this summer."

They are already parents to sons Spurgeon, five, and Henry, four, and daughter Ivy, one.

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