EastEnders bosses unveil big news about the 35th anniversary week of nail-biting tragedy

It’s the week all EastEnders fans have all been waiting for – the 35th anniversary special, with all episodes leading to one Walford resident’s watery end. Viewers have been tearing their hair out trying to guess who will be leaving the soap at the end of this week, and now bosses have revealed some big hints for the coming week of drama.

We’ll be picking up on the existing story strands with Callum, picking up with Keanu – are him and Sharon going to abscond? Why is Phil back? What’s happening with Bobby now that he’s being trolled online for his beliefs?

Kate Oates

The BBC show kicked off its milestone week last night, with dramatic scenes centred around the Carters’ boat party on the Thames, where the fun soon turned to horror.

In true EastEnders style, Mick (Danny Dyer) and Linda’s (Kellie Bright) big night ended in tragedy when an unseen event onboard sent the celebrations into chaos.

The nail-biting episode ended with the struggling couple fighting for survival after being submerged under water.

But will it be one of The Vic’s landlord’s to walk away from the show this week?


  • EastEnders spoilers: Linda Carter leaves Walford after boat rescue?

The drama is now well underway, (and we’re only one episode in!) and each evening is set to focus on other characters onboard the chaotic cruise.

All of the events happening in each episode take place at the same time and will end in the same dramatic moment from each perspective.

And now, speaking to the media including Digital Spy about this week’s highly-anticipated episodes at an EastEnders press event, show boss Kate Oates revealed some juicy gossip about what’s to come in the unmissable instalments.

“I guess as well as celebrating London and that kind of iconography that comes with EastEnders, we also wanted to celebrate the clans and the families,” she said of the dramatic storyline.

“So you’ve got the Carters on Monday, and then we’re looking at the Beales and the Fowlers on Tuesday, the Mitchells will be taking centre stage on Thursday, and everything coming together with this big culmination on Friday.

“They’re the story strands that we’ve been building up to.”

She continued to tease other big storylines that are nearing their end, only fuelling fan’s fear that a beloved resident may be near their end.

“There’s the next chapter of Whitney’s story now – the situation with Leo got the grisly end that it did, paying tribute to Den and Angie in some ways with Mick and Linda but then twisting it, with those divorce papers being signed at the end of the week, and now obviously Mick taking those ’til death us do part’ vows very, very seriously.”

Huge clue?

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She added: “We’ll be picking up on the existing story strands with Callum, picking up with Keanu – are him and Sharon going to abscond? Why is Phil back? What’s happening with Bobby now that he’s being trolled online for his beliefs?

“There’s all these things that are going to be coming to fruition in a very, very dramatic way and there will be serious consequences to those stories.”

Well, if Kate’s indirect spoilers really got you going, the BBC soap’s Director Simon Kester also teased how the stunts leading to character deaths were staged, as well as the “unbearable tension” that fans will experience this Friday.


  • EastEnders spoilers: Director teases 35th anniversary carnage

In an interview with the Metro, he talks about the complexity of creating this enormous stunt.

“I’d say it’s possibly the most ambitious thing I’ve ever done. It was complicated just logistically trying to put something this together, on the River Thames, with a big cast and at night!” Simon explained.

“In terms of storytelling, there’s no real B-story. Every single story has been building up over the last year and they all come together,” said the director.

“They’re great EastEnders episodes – dark, complicated, full of heart – it’s been such an exciting thing to be a part of.”

This week is definitely not a time to miss an episode!

EastEnders continues tonight at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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