EastEnders death twist, Corrie murder horror and 38 more Christmas soap spoilers

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and therefore, we’re treating you to a little something extra, as we bring you all the Christmas soap spoilers you could possibly want.

The festive season is notoriously a difficult one for the residents of soapland, and this year is certainly no different.

Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) begins to realise that his life is still very much in danger in EastEnders, while Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) struggles to cope in the wake of Oliver’s death in Coronation Street.

However, there are plenty of reasons to smile too, as Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) plots to marry Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) in Emmerdale on Christmas Day, but will he successfully do so?

And while Christmas is certainly not one to be missed in Hollyoaks, it’s the New Year that will be the primary focus for fans of the Channel 4 soap, as the identity of the body bag victim is finally revealed.

It’s a holiday season that will change things forever, and if you fancy a look at what’s to come, then check out our bumper spoiler guide.


1. Another vicious incident terrifies Ian, and he seemingly comes to realise that he’s not safe in his own home.  On Christmas Eve, he finally realises how horrible he has been to all those around him, and therefore he decides that the only way to stop whoever it is that’s trying to kill him is to repent for his sins.

2. One resident wants only one thing for Christmas: Ian Beale gone. And the truth finally comes to light. Ian is later consumed with fear, as someone else is present at the Vic, and — as Christmas Day comes to an end — one resident makes a lethal move.

3. Honey is stressed about the Christmas event, and matters are complicated further when she discovers that the fridge is broken! Desperate to impress, Jay swoops into action and ultimately saves the day with a team of caterers — just in the nick of time. One thing leads to another, and Honey and Jay ultimately share a kiss — just as Billy walks in!

4. Max makes Linda an offer. Linda tries to explain to Mick how she’s been feeling. Mick, however, doesn’t respond. Desperate to get through to him, she finds a bottle of whiskey to taunt him with. Max puts pressure on Linda, and things start to become very real. On New Year’s Eve, Linda plans ahead for her future, but is Mick a part of it? As the New Year arrives, she seals her fate — and learns some shocking truths along the way.

5. Mick speaks to Katy, but she once again pins the blame for everything on Linda. As the New Year arrives, things are not well in the Carter household. Mick finds himself struggling to cope with the enormity of the situation, and as he battles with past demons, he begins to crumble. He prepares to confront his deepest fears and face them head on. However, when the moment arrives, will he be able to go through with it?

6. Denise is left in shock as she comes face-to-face with Lucas on Christmas Day. Lies and deceit are exposed in the process, and Denise is taken aback to discover that the serial killer has returned with daughter Chelsea in tow! Denise reiterates just how dangerous Lucas is.

7. On Christmas Day, Stacey receives a present from Martin, and she’s left in shock when she realises what he got her. Later that night, she leaves the Vic with her former hubby, and encouraged by his thoughtful gift, she decides to take a chance on him, and therefore kisses him.

8. Martin is riddled with guilt, as he spends Christmas with Stacey, but Ruby insists that she’s fine — that is, until she drops a bombshell of her own. The nightclub owner then warns Stacey to stay out of her marriage, but Kush soon puts his foot in it by letting her know that Stacey wants Martin back.

9. The police soon arrive at Gray’s, and reveal that they need to account for Tina’s movements on the night Ian was attacked, and they have more questions about the attack. Tina is terrified as she is taken down to the station. The following week, Gray informs her that the witness who saw her following Ian into The Vic checks out, but he discourages her from heading to the station to clear her name.

10. Callum is incredibly desperate, but with Stuart in the line of fire, he’s left with no choice but to seek help.

Coronation Street

11. Natasha decides that she and Sam are leaving Manchester and heading to London. Sam wants to stay put, and therefore asks Nick if he can move in with he and Leanne, but Leanne informs Nick that he needs to be firm with Sam, and explain that he has to remain with his mum.

12. Leanne is desperate to remain upbeat, and cooks them Christmas dinner, decorates a tree and wraps Sam’s presents — something which leaves Nick’s incredibly touched. She later suggests that Nick rent a flat, and move Sam in, so that he can get to know his son properly — without having to worry about her.

13. Shona gives David a six foot cuddly rabbit to replace Barney, his childhood pet — and David loves it. However, Lily gets a jewellery bead stuck up her nose, and thus he and Shona set off for A&E. Shona calms Lily down and makes her giggle as David watches with a heavy heart — realising just how much the kids will miss her.

14. David finds Shona in Victoria Garden and they finally clear the air, as they admit that they still love each other and want to make a proper go of things. At No.8, David and Shona — with the help of Max and Lily — re-enact their wedding day. As the Platts exit No.8 and head out onto the eponymous street, the snow begins to fall and Shona stares up in wonderment. David gazes at his wife, his love for her renewed.

15. The police call at the salon flat and haul Gary in for questioning regarding Rick’s disappearance — much to Maria’s dismay. They’ve found evidence that a body was buried in the woods and that it might have been that of Rick. Gary assures the officer that he knows absolutely nothing about Rick’s disappearance.

16. Gary is let go due to a lack of evidence and Sarah is furious. Therefore, she wastes little time in railing at Gary. Maria overhears Sarah revealing that Gary killed Rick. She demands to know why Sarah would think that he’s a murderer.  Gary fails to come up with a plausible explanation, and therefore Maria not only threatens to call the police, but she also kicks him out!

17. Toyah and Imran receive a call from social services, who ask them if they could foster a baby on Christmas Eve. They’re thrown into excitement and panic — both at the same time. Toyah is excited, and babbles away about the baby, Mason. On Christmas Day, it’s revealed that Toyah and Imran had something of a sleepless night with Mason, but they’re not too worried.

18. As the New Year approaches, Sarah — dressed to the nines with a bottle of wine in her hand — returns to the corner shop flat. After coming face-to-face with Adam, she suggests that they see in the New Year together.Adam is touched by her suggestion — hopeful, even. Sarah opens the wine, and as she does so, Adam gazes at her lovingly.

19. Tim decides to get rid of the toys that Elaine gave to him — much to her dismay. However, when he discovers that one of the toys was worth £2,000, the race is on to track the item down.

20. Peter learns that there is a possibility that he’s suffering from liver failure, and he makes Daniel promise to keep such information to himself. However, Ken discovers the truth and visits his son in hospital, and he’s taken aback by the seriousness of the situation. Peter reveals that he’s got to accept that he’s dying.


21. Paddy and Marlon get to work on the former’s Christmas wedding for Chas. However, they realise that they haven’t sent out the wedding invitations! Paddy is incredibly stressed — annoyed that none of his wedding plans are turning out as he’d hoped. The marquee company cancel his reservation but Marlon comes to the rescue, as he suggests that they hold the wedding reception in the beer garden.

22. There is animosity aplenty between Chas and Charity, after the former accuses the latter of neglecting Noah. In the aftermath of such a row, Charity overhears wedding discussions at the church and is left angry and hurt that she’s not been invited to the ceremony. Therefore, she faces a huge decision: keep shtum or spill the beans and ruin the surprise for Chas.

23. Priya is adamant that she wants Al all to herself, but the businessman decides to send one last message to his mystery woman. As Christmas day arrives, Al gives Priya an expensive necklace for her present, but he’s eager to get away to see his mistress and therefore wastes little time in concocting a story.  Andrea, Dawn and Belle all receive mysterious texts, and thus we’re left wondering just who Al’s mystery woman could be.

24. Kim has it out Jamie when he returns from his trip. She doesn’t hold back, claiming that Jamie has made their family look like a laughing stock, before leaving him to clean up his own mess.

25. Andrea is fuming when she discovers that Kim has told Millie she has a special Christmas plan in store for her. Kim and Jamie have Millie on Christmas Eve, and both are moved by the sight of her opening her presents.

26. Jamie manages to talk Andrea into allowing Millie to come to Home Farm for little while on Christmas Day, but Kim’s not best pleased when she discovers that Jamie is intent on reconciling with Andrea!

27. Paul gives Liv a pointed look, and explains that he doesn’t think she should be driving given recent events, after he spots her heading off with her instructor. Liv refuses to listen to him, so Paul decides to speak to Aaron, and reveals all about her seizure.

28. Liv is furious and thus she reveals a huge secret to Vinny about his dad, as she confirms that Paul has been gambling again. Paul does everything he can to explain — claiming that it was a one-off — but Vinny’s not having any of it. He orders his dad to stop ‘being weak’ and to admit his addiction, which triggers something. Paul retaliates with a brutal attack.

29. Harriet struggles to move on.

30. Rhona lights up when Marlon agrees to spend New Year’s Eve at her place, but will passion ensue?


31. Edward puts a plan together to ensure that Tony never sees his family again, but when Tony insists that he’s not giving up without a fight, Edward warns him not to back him into a corner. Edward reveals that Diane is dead, which leaves the young man devastated. The evil surgeon makes one final play for victory as the net closes in on him, and therefore plans to poison his son.

32. Brody suggests to Sienna that they should co-parent Faith with Liberty. Sienna naturally struggles to get her head around such a thing, and refuses to accept that she has to share Faith. What’s more, she ultimately falls back into Warren’s bed! However, Liberty spots Sienna and Warren kissing.

33. Ollie asks Cindy for money to buy Christmas presents, but she’s sceptical — as she wonders if the money is really for presents or for drugs. She refuses, but Ollie asks Brody for a hand out. He sneaks out to buy more drugs on Christmas Day, and Luke takes drastic action — which leaves both Cindy and Ollie stunned.

34. Silas is planning on luring his great-grandson Bobby back to the village in an effort to kidnap him! Meanwhile, Mercedes is excited, as she plans to bring Bobby back home for New Year’s Eve, but little does she know of what Silas is planning!

35. Tom prepares to marry Yazz Maalik in a New Year ceremony, but will said ceremony go ahead with impending danger facing the village?

36. Jordan is determined to ring in the New Year with Peri by his side, and therefore he ignores Victor’s phone calls. However, he’s left panicked when Leela arrives back from looking after her aunt!

37. As New Years Eve arrives, Victor gathers his foot soldiers, including Juliet, Charlie and Ella, and gives them their final orders for the big night ahead. Victor threatens to kill one of Juliet’s loved ones. Juliet panics, and does everything in her power to protect those closest to her. She arrives at the Lomaxes, and confesses her love for Peri.

38. Nancy is proud of how Charlie has handled himself this year, but John Paul later sees him dealing drugs to Ollie. Nancy is horrified when John Paul reveals what he witnessed.

39. The police puts out a search for Charlie, and raid Nancy’s house. Nancy is devastated when they locate drugs inside Charlie’s game controller. Everyone is frantically looking for Charlie and Ella, but will Victor get to them first?

40. Tragedy strikes at The Hutch, as it becomes a crime scene, and John Paul is broken when he spots PC George Kiss’ police badge lying next to the body bag.

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