EastEnders extra Jane Slaughter opens up on 35 years as Queen Vic barmaid Tracey

EastEnders extra Jean Slaughter is the longest-running female cast member on the soap – but you might not know her.

Jean has been playing Queen Vic barmaid Tracey for the last 35 years.

The much-loved actress, 58, was even in the very first episode of the BBC One show back in February, 1985.

Although her character has had many lines during her time in Albert Square, actress Jane has opened up about some of her most memorable moments from behind one of the most famous bars in the nation.

She's built up a massive cult following among devoted EasEnders fans and Jane has been front and centre during most of the soap's most iconic moments.

Over the years she has worked alongside many of Albert Square’s most legendary characters and iconic landlords and ladies.

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Speaking to The Sun about her time in the east end, Jane admitted that meeting the infamous Peggy Mitchell – played by Barbara Windsor – for the first time is an experience that will stay with her forever.

She said: "When Barbara Windsor joined EastEnders in 1994 I was completely blown away. I filmed a scene in the Vic with her and thought, ‘Oh my goodness, this is it’, and when she did her laugh it was like an out-of-body experience."

The soap star admitted that she saw first hand how Barbara took the show to a whole new level, and insisted that the talented actress was beyond supportive of the other actors behind the scenes.

Jane, who has been surrounded by some of the soaps most loved characters has had to deal with her fair share of requests and questions from obsessed fans.

In particular, the star recalled one besotted fan who stopped her in the street to ask for Ross Kemp's phone number.

The actor who played Grant Mitchell in the BBC soap is still to this day, regarded as one of the most iconic figures of Albert Square, along with his badman brother Phil Mitchell.

Reminiscing on a certain altercation with a doting fan, Jane saw first hand the affect that Ross' good looks had on viewers.

She said: "When I was out on the street people would come up to me saying, ‘What’s it like working with Ross?’, or telling me I’m so lucky to be in his company. I would get it all the time."

"Years ago I had someone ask me if I could give them the number for the phone box in Albert Square by Dr Legg’s surgery so they could speak to Grant."

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Despite the fact his character was portrayed as a hard man, Jane insisted that behind the scenes, Ross couldn't have been any sweeter, and was loved among the cast and crew.

While Tracey has worked for many landlords over the years including Peggy Mitchell and Alfie Moon, Jane admitted that her time with Danny Dyer who plays Mick Carter have been some of the best times of her career.

"I adore Danny! Again, his impact was huge when he joined the programme in 2013, like a lot of other big characters coming into the soap. He brought something so different," she explained.

Opening up about witnessing some of the most iconic moments in the soap's history, Jane admitted that the 'Sharongate' storyline was one to remember for her.

Although viewers have never been given the back story to Tracey, passing comments in the pub have suggested that the character is divorced and has a son who lives with his father.

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During his drunken crackhead phase, Phil Mitchell hit on Tracey, implying she'd always had feelings for him.

In 2008, Sean Slater (Rob Kazinsky) asked Tracey why was she so quiet.

Tracey replied that she keeps herself to herself because the Mitchells are "all stark raving mad" and whoever lives in the pub is "cursed".

The scene was scripted by writer Christopher Reason, who has penned 200-plus episodes and is apparently "obsessed with Tracey".

Slaughter said: "It was hysterical. For someone who never says anything, she suddenly had an opinion about everything."

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