EastEnders fans convinced Peter and Lola will have a full blown affair after one night stand – The Sun

EASTENDERS fans are convinced Lola Pearce and Peter Beale are going to have a full blown affair.

Lola (Danielle Harold) and Peter (Dayle Hudson) – who recently had a one-night stand – grew closer in Tuesday's episode.

Peter opened up to Lola about it being six years since his twin sister Lucy was accidentally killed by her younger brother Bobby.

He admitted life without Lucy felt lonely and like one big "black hole".

Lola was quick to comfort Peter, reminiscing about their old days with Lucy, with the pair dating around the time of her death.

They ended up going for a drink at The Queen Vic, where Lola tried to dissuade Peter from telling her boyfriend Jay about their night together.

She said: "Look, I know things between us are a bit… but you can always talk to me you know.”

Peter replied: “You know, I am really sorry for being so hard on you with Jay. It’s just, after Lucy, all those lies.

“Lies upon lies, Jane, Dad, all those people got hurt.”

Lola interrupted: “Yeah, but this doesn’t have to be like that. No one has to know.

“I really want to make it right between me and Jay this time, he means the world to me and Lexi.”

Despite Lola's insistence that the pair's one-night stand must remain a secret, viewers are convinced she's fallen for Peter.

One fan wrote: "Lola fancies Peter like mad, she’s making it so obvious and awkward when she sees him."

Another added: "Lola so obviously likes Peter, but she should be honest with Jay!"

A third posted: "Lola’s got feelings for Peter it’s obvious."

It seems the pair could be exposed by Ben Mitchell, who spotted them holding hands over the table.

He'd been drowning his sorrows at the pub after his dad Phil rejected his help on their job with Danny Hardcastle.

And he didn't look too happy when he saw his nephew looking cosy with the mother of his child.

EastEnders continues Monday 25 May at 8pm on BBC One.


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