EastEnders fans cringe as Karen Taylor falsely accuses her boss of trying to sleep with her

EASTENDERS fans are cringing after Karen Taylor accused her boss of trying to sleep with her – when he was trying to pay her money to support her kids.

The single mum – who is played by actress Lorraine Stanley in the BBC soap – assumed launderette owner Apostolos Papadopolous had sacked her so he could force her to sleep with him.

However the hunky businessman was simply trying to help her with a huge payout to help support her.

"Like I said I didn't want to think of you struggling for money," he told her.

"Didn't think I'd go through with it, did you?" said Karen wearing a miniskirt and a scrunchie atop of her head.

"And like I said there ain't many things I won't have a go at." 

However, she let rip and said: "But this. You think because a woman's skint you can pay her to sleep with you? 

"You get me sacked and then you get me into bed because I've got a family to provide for? Look trying to take advantage of me. 

"Well I've still got my dignity. I've not got the wrong end of any stick – especially not yours."

As he got up and went to leave, Karen began shouting: "That's it scuttle back to your wife. I might call her – so unless you want me to tell her exactly what kind of redundancy packet you're offering maybe you should keep me quiet."

"My wife does the books," he hit back as he pulled the cash from the table – and taking the wind out of Karen's sails.

"She's just spent the afternoon convincing me to pay you three months' more than you're entitled to."

As it dawned on Karen what her spectacle had cost her – she was devastated.

He stormed out and left her without the cash – and put Karen in an even worse financial position.

Viewers were cringing at her actions.

One wrote: "Was there any need to write that bit for Karen? It was cringe."

A second said: "Why didn't you listen?"

Another added: "Silly Karen, she only had herself to blame then."

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