EastEnders fans gobsmacked as Janine Butcher confirms shes 38 in BBC one soap

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EastEnders fans were left rather stunned after they discovered Janine Butcher is 38-years-old during Monday evening's episode.

While exchanging some frosty words with Peter and Bobby Beale in the cafe, Janine let loose on information that several fans were totally unaware of.

Talking about the advertising and sponsorship for the upcoming Christmas Tree event that will take place in Albert Square, Janine couldn't help but listen in on Peter and Bobby's plans.

But when they spoke to her about it, Janine didn't want to know. Peter then said: "It's a good job we don't actually care about the opinions of a forty-something-year-old barmaid.

Evidently triggered by his comment, Janine replied: "Well it shows how much you know because I got my fingers in all sorts of pies.

Sniping back, Peter looked over to Bobby and said: "Bob, remind me again why I don't eat the Queen Vic?"

Before Peter left the cafe, Janie chimed: "And I'm 38, rude!"

Hearing her real age, fans rushed to Twitter to share their thoughts on the legendary character.

One person wrote: "Janine is younger than I thought wow!"

Another said: "Janine is only 38?!"

A third commented: "I actually thought Janine was in her 40s lol."

But another fan seemed to have figured her age out and believes the scriptwriters may have added an extra year on the character.

The fan wrote: "So they have aged up Janine on her return. She started secondary school with Sonia, Martin and Clare in September 1996, so should be 36/37 now, not 38."

The legendary Janine Butcher who is played by actress Charlie Brooks, is the daughter of Frank and June Butcher and is the sister of Clare, Ricky and Diane Butcher. She is also the mother of Scarlett Butcher.

Janine made her first appearance in the iconic soap on June, 22, 1989.

After a long hiatus, Janine made a return to the soap earlier this year and has continued to cause havoc in the Square.

Since her return, Janine is now the manager of the pub and is currently embroiled in a car theft scandal.

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