Eastenders fans hope Stuart has finally been caught out

On tonight’s (17 July) Eastenders, evil Stuart Highway continued his manipulation of Tina Cater – but he may have made a major slip up.

After being convinced by Sonia to tell Mick about being kidnapped and tortured when she was younger, Tina was shocked to find out Stuart had already told them.

Stuart has been trying to convince Tina that he had nothing to do with her attack and instead has sworn revenge on the real culprit.

And it’s safe to say, Stuart is one of the creepiest characters ever to arrive in Walford.

Playing more mind games with Tina, he later showed her photographs from the day of the attack, telling her that one of the men in the pictures carried it out.

But Stuart slipped up when recalling what had happened to Tina, saying the man had called her “a slag” – something which she had never told him.

The revelation made Tina more convinced that Stuart was either behind the attack or witnessed it, and she threatened to tell Mick. Viewers hoped he’d finally been caught out.

But given that Mick has already believed Stuart’s account, an upset Tina decided to go to E20 and get drunk, ending up lashing out at fellow clubbers and screaming, “I ain’t nobody’s victim.”

With Stuart’s manipulation clearly affecting her, what will Tina do next to try and make her family see the truth?

EastEnders continues on Tuesday (July 16) at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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