EastEnders fans in disbelief as original Ben Mitchell spotted in major BBC drama

EastEnders fans tuning into BBC One's new drama Noughts and Crosses were left in disbelief after the very first episode aired last night.

While Noughts + Crosses has some very familiar faces in the cast for the BBC adaption of the book series, viewers tuning in on Thursday night were quick to recognise the actor who was playing Danny.

After wracking their brains in a bid to put their finger on the actor's familiar face, audiences soon realised it was former EastEnders star Charlie Jones, also known as Charlie Chambers.

Charlie played Ben Mitchell on the BBC soap between 2006 and 2010, before the role was recast.

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While there have been many different versions of Ben Mitchell over the years, the talented actor is noted as one of the longest-serving actors in the role.

As well as that, he is undoubtedly regarded as the most memorable after pulling off show-stopping storylines including his murder of Heather Trott and coming out as gay to his macho father Phil Mitchell.

Charlie played Ben for five years during his childhood, and was at the centre of some huge storylines including the disturbing 'Stella's abuse' exposé.

Ben's most memorable storyline included the physical and mental abuse he suffered at the hands of his dad Phil’s girlfriend Stella Crawford.

After he revealed all on the couple’s wedding day Stella (played by Sophie Thompson) took her own life by throwing herself off a roof.

The actor was recast in 2010, and three other actors have played the role since then.

As viewers tuned in to the explosive episode of Noughts and Crosses last night, they raced to Twitter to share their shock at seeing the familiar face once again.

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One fan gushed: "OMG Ben Mitchell. What a blast from the past, he's such a good little actor!".

While others tweeted: "Oh wow! That's bloody the OG Ben Mitchell!".

"This is madness. A Television crossover. Ben Mitchell is back from murdering Heather Trott then".

"Jesus, Ben Mitchell hasn't aged a day has he?!".

Despite the fact viewers were excited to see the star back on screen a decade on from his Walford exit – it was all short-lived.

Charlie's character Danny, a Nought, had been attacked by two police officers, who were Crosses, after a party got out of hand.

Crosses are members of the black ruling class, while Noughts are members of the white underclass.

But in a twist, Danny was murdered by a fellow Nought from a rebel group, who was trying to make him a martyr to create tensions between the two classes.

There's no doubt that he'll be back on screens in another show though, thanks to his incredible talent.

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