EastEnders fans in shock as they spot soap icon in Netflix's Don't Look Up with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence

NETFLIX'S Don't Look Up boasts the most impressive A-list movie cast of the year – but it's an EastEnders legend that caught the eye of soap fans watching in the UK.

Himesh Patel holds his own in the apocalyptic satire alongside Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett and Jonah Hill.

The 31-year-old spent nine years in Walford as Tamwar Masood before his big Hollywood break in 2019's Yesterday.

He played the lead role in the feelgood film in which he became the only man on earth aware of the Beatles extensive back catalogue of music. He then passed off the group's work as his own to achieve megafame.

The following year he starred in Christopher Nolan's mindbending sci-fi epic Tenet before another high-profile outing in Don't Look Up.

This time around he plays a journalist that dishes the dirt on his PhD student girlfriend Kate Dibiasky after she has a meltdown on national television.

When TV hosts Brie Evantee [Blanchett] and Jack Bremmer [Tyler Perry] fail to take her and Dr. Randall Mindy's [DiCaprio] warnings about an existence-ending comet hurtling to earth seriously she explodes in a fit of rage.

She then learns her relationship has come to the most sour of ends after discovering an article by journalist Philip that discusses their sex life and brands her crazy.

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The film has polarised audiences with its savage depiction of the world's failure to tackle climate change, ineffective and self-serving politicians, greedy and domineering tech gurus and an obsession with social media and viral content.

Meryl Streep as President Janie Orlean channels her real life nemesis Donald Trump, initially dismissing the gravity of the situation in an infuriating 20 minute meeting with Randall and Kate.

She then decides to use the event to her advantage as a personal scandal threatens to wreak havoc in the midterm elections.

Rather than do what's best for the nation she governs, as well as the greater world, she is swayed by major party donor and tech magnate Peter Isherwell [Mark Rylance] who convinces her they can all profit from the comet.

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