EastEnders fans rocked by stars as they fear Mick and Linda will die

EastEnders fans have been rocked to the core by heart wrenching performances from Danny Dyer and kellie Bright as they fear they might be leaving. The cliffhanger of tonight’s dramatic episode left it a huge risk that Mick and Linda may die as they were trapped below deck as the boat filled with water.

Linda’s leg was trapped and Mick vowed to stay with her as they were unable to free her. As she said she didn’t want to die, he said he would be by her side, even if the boat went down and viewers were moved that their love was proven once again – but worried that this was the end for the much loved couple.

After a huge scrap with Shirley (Linda Henry), Linda had a wake up call about her feelings with Mick when Shirley admitted that she was jealous of the love that she has with Mick. As she left a loving voicemail for Mick confirming that she didn’t want a divorce, Linda headed to the boat party.

She saw Mick with Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) and jumped to the wrong conclusion, assuming that they were having an affair. After getting even more drunk, Linda took the mic and declared that Mick had been cheating on her and fans were horrified as their marriage crumbled into pieces.

But later, Mick found her struggling for life and the pair united in their worst situation:

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