EastEnders horror as Leo tries to stab Whitney in her sleep before being disturbed – The Sun

EASTENDERS' Whitney Dean was in grave danger as evil stalker Leo King tried to stab her in her sleep – much to the horror of soap fans.

Viewers of the BBC One show looked on in shock as Leo, who is Whitney's paedophile abuser Tony King's son, crept up on her in her slumber.

His sneaky antics came after Leo decided to tip toe out from Whitney's attic, where he had been hiding since last week.

Intent on completing the murderous act he headed towards the feisty barmaid, who was deep in sleep and with her back turned towards him and the bedroom door.

Yet as he got teeteringly close to plunging the knife he was disturbed by Sonia Fowler's return and forced to flee back to the attic – still with his hiding place unknown.

It remains to be seen whether he will again attempt murder of Whit, who he believes is lying about his father's behaviour, or he will be discovered in a hiding place which has already seen him spy on Whit while she is getting undressed.

Actress Shona McGarty, who plays the unlucky in love Walford lass, has previously spoken out about the terrifying plotline, branding the scenes "intense."

Speaking to New magazine, Shona opened up on the upcoming events, and said: "Whitney is oblivious that Leo is hiding in her loft, which is just terrifying."

After turning up at Whit's failed wedding to Callum Highway last year, Leo soon set his sights on Whitney and after spending some time together, Leo grew close to her and they began a relationship.

Whit did not realise that Leo was the son of Tony King, who abused her as a child and wanted the stall owner to lie and say his father did not abuse her.

She stood firm and immediately ended things with Leo after finding out who he really was, but he still persisted with Whit.

Last week fans saw Leo steal Whit's diary containing all the horrible things he has done to her.

According to New magazine, actor Tom Wells, who plays Leo, believes his character will be ruthless in taking Whit to task.

"Leo will stop at nothing, simply because his life's purpose is to right the wrong that's been done to his dad and his family," he explained.

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