EastEnders legend Pam St Clement suffered ‘year from hell’ after horrific injury

EastEnders legend Pam St Clement has opened up on her "year from hell".

The Pat Butcher actress has taken most of the year off and been forced to cancel work after a horrific injury.

Speaking on today's Loose Women, Pam revealed she was badly injured on a trip to Australia during a typhoon.

This then led to further complications when she returned back to the UK ahead of her knee operation.

The 77-year-old explained: "I did some filming, then my usual trip to Australia. I go for a couple of months very year.

"Idiot that I am I'd planned my knee replacement for after I came back. I was out and it was the tail end of a typhoon. I was messing about with a seven-year-old.

"I fell and cut my leg open. It was disgusting, it really was.

"And would you believe it the one part of my fat body that hasn't got any flesh on it is my shin bone and it was straight across."

Pam's shin injury led to more issues as her surgeon said he couldn't operate on her knee in case of cross-infection.

So far Pam has had to cancel three operations and had to tell prospective employers that she can't work this year.

When asked if it was painful, she said: "Yes. I deal with it by using allopathic and alternative medicine. I’ve had three steroid jabs so far which have been very helpful.

"I couldn’t have done that plane journey without. And the nice Australian doctor."

The actress revealed she has been using CBD oil while easing off the painkillers.

Pam also spoke about her time on EastEnders and reminisced about some of her most famous scenes.

When asked if she missed Albert Square, she said: "Yes I suppose I do. I don’t miss the routine but I miss everybody and I miss the programme."

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