EastEnders: Mick Carter's prison guard isn't convincing everyone

Mick Carter’s time in prison went from bad to worse on tonight’s EastEnders (September 25) as he continued to be the target of dangerous inmate Fraser, a friend of Stuart Highway’s.

Fraser had spread a rumour in the prison that Mick was a paedophile and, desperate to clear his name, Mick confronted him. Of course, that didn’t exactly help matters as while Fraser confessed that he knew Mick wasn’t actually a paedophile, he added that if Mick wanted his torture to stop he’d have to do Fraser a favour.

And when has they ever not gone wrong in a prison storyline?

The favour involved Mick meeting a young, blonde woman named Tessa during visiting hours – someone viewers had seen earlier in the episode, when she asked Linda about local nursery schools at the market.

During the visit, Tessa warned Mick that if he didn’t make their relationship look convincing to the guards, it wouldn’t be Linda collecting their son Ollie from nursery today.

And then, when visitation ended, Tessa showed Mick she had something in her mouth that she then passed to him during an intense kiss.

Before she left, Tessa delivered another threat, telling Mick: “If you swallow it it will burst in your gut.”

Mick’s next task was to get the contraband past the prison guard, as he carried out a search.

Luckily for Mick, the guard wasn’t too observant and he didn’t catch on when Mick turned around after being asked to open his mouth, so he could move it from his mouth to his pocket.

But unfortunately for Mick that wasn’t the end of his problems, as Fraser then told him to bury the drugs in Mick’s friend Bob’s stuff.

The episode ended with guards coming in to Mick and Bob’s cell saying they’d been tipped off that there were illegal drugs present, but did Mick follow through with Fraser’s plan and betray Bob?

EastEnders continues on Thursday, September 27 at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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