EastEnders revisits the Taylor family's secret after Keanu has shock incident with Hayley

EastEnders will be revisiting the dark story surrounding Keanu Taylor’s dad after a shock incident involving Hayley Slater next week.

Earlier this year, viewers learned that Keanu’s father had been handed a life sentence after stabbing Karen and nearly killing her.

Upcoming scenes will see Karen decide to tell Keanu the whole truth about his dad, after growing concerned about her son’s temper.

After spotting Keanu with a bruised eye, Karen urges him to tell her what’s going on – but is left shaken when he angrily punches a wall during an argument.

Worried, Keegan later checks in on his brother but only makes matters worse when he slips up and makes a comment about Keanu’s dad.

As Keanu aggressively questions Karen about what really happened, Karen decides it’s time she bites the bullet and tells him everything.

Fans will have to wait and see if Keanu does learn the truth or not, but Karen later grows even more worried about his state of mind when she spots him getting wound up by one of the gang members.

When Hayley also picks up on Keanu’s bad mood, she starts to playfully tease him but her jibes push him to breaking point – with shocking consequences.

Tortured by his actions in the aftermath of his altercation with Hayley, a disgusted Keanu eventually turns to Karen for advice.

As Keanu opens up to Karen about losing his temper, she does her best to support him – ultimately encouraging him to make amends with Hayley.

Still troubled by what happened, Keanu skips work to apologise to Hayley – who starts to thaw when she realises just how upset he is.

After some supportive words from Hayley, Keanu is left feeling more positive, but his good mood quickly turns sour when he spots another one of the gang members walking back through the Square.

As Keanu follows Cody, he is furious to spot him trying to break into The Arches and it’s not long before the situation escalates. Is Keanu about to do something he regrets again?

EastEnders airs these scenes next week on BBC One.

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