EastEnders star Shaun Williamson claims he scared off a ghost by ‘screaming’ at it – The Sun

ACTOR Shaun Williamson has told how he scared off a ghost by “screaming” at it.

Shaun, best known as Barry in East-Enders, said he had been plagued by the spook since moving into a new home.

He and wife Adele thought they were being burgled after moving to Maidstone, Kent, three years ago.

Shaun’s Celebrity Big Brother co-star, the late ghost-hunter Derek Acorah, once told him the spirit was called Rosemary and he should shout at it to get rid of it.

He said: "When we moved in we heard a lot of banging – it was bad enough at first that we kept running up stairs to check we weren't being burgled. It's poltergeisty…it doesn't throw things around, but it does make a lot of noise."

He added: "I was in Big Brother with Derek Acorah and we really hit it off and he phoned me up and he said to me 'You've got a ghost in your house'.

"I went 'Well yeh…he's noisy', and he said 'No, it's a she and she's called Rosemary', so then I had to start screaming at Rosemary.

"I scream at it and shout at it saying 'You're not frightening me, stop it' and all that sort of stuff."

He said that his screaming might be paying dividends, adding: "She's been very quiet lately – I don't think ghosts like the initial upheaval when someone new moves into a house."

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