EastEnders star Tameka Empson reveals viewers will get answers about Vincent's disappearance by Christmas

EastEnders star Tameka Empson has teased that we may soon be getting answers to the mystery of Vincent Hubbard’s disappearance.

Tameka’s character Kim Fox-Hubbard is currently pregnant with her and husband Vincent’s second child but is facing giving birth to her baby alone since Vincent vanished in April after being approached by men working for gangster Aidan Maguire.

At the time, it was strongly hinted that he was about to be murdered and EastEnders fans have been desperate for answers ever since.

Luckily for us, Tameka has now promised that we’re finally about to get some.

“Where is he? I don’t know,” she said when asked about Vincent on Sunday Brunch. “There are lots of answers that will come about come Christmas.”

The actress also hinted that Kim may soon be about to enter into a new relationship following Vincent’s disappearance too – and that the scene of her birth won’t be any more conventional than it was when she delivered her daughter Pearl in the Queen Vic toilets back in 2015.

“Kim is pregnant so obviously the time is coming up where she’s going to have the baby,” Tameka added. “That all happens and then you see how she copes with being a single mother – or not.

“[Kim had her] last baby in the Vic toilets and this time it’s going to be a very interesting location. We’re keeping it local.”

Of course, considering viewers haven’t seen a body, there’s also the chance of Vincent making a shock comeback, and actor Richard Blackwood has admitted that he’d be open to the possibility.

“As an actor, you would hope that the door is somewhat left ajar,” he told Digital Spy after his exit back in April. “I think EastEnders were very clever in doing that.

“I think they knew that the audience liked Vincent, so it’s like: ‘Okay, whatever happens to Vincent, as long as we give the viewers a slight window of ‘we’ll see’, sometimes that’s just enough’.”

Jump ahead a few months, though, and Richard is currently gearing up for a stint on Dancing on Ice 2019, so maybe we won’t be seeing him back on the Square anytime soon.

Sunday Brunch airs on Channel 4, while EastEnders as on BBC One.

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