EastEnders theory: Exit for Walford icon as Mick Carter learns of devastating betrayal

EastEnders: Frankie walks in as Janine and Mick kiss

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In upcoming episodes of EastEnders, Janine Butcher (played by Charlie Brooks) continues to be paranoid about Linda Carter’s (Kellie Bright) presence in Mick’s (Danny Dyer) life. While Mick has made it clear he is ready to move on, Janine is still worried that with Linda still lingering in Albert Square, her lover will fall back in love with his ex. She will take drastic action to get rid of Linda but when Mick finds out, he won’t be happy with her conniving behaviour.

Mick tries to convince Martin Fowler (James Bye) and Zack Hudson to let Linda move back in and promises to try and make her seek professional help.

Janine is put out when Mick goes for a walk with Linda and Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) reminds her the pair will always have something.

No matter what comes between him and Linda, Mick will always make sure they put their children first.

Given that they have five children between them, it’s unlikely Linda will ever be out of his life.

As Mick speaks to Linda about her alcoholism, she realises he is trying to get her to go to a meeting.

He opens up about his own troubles and how his past with Katy affected him, and Linda eventually agrees she needs help.

When Mick returns to The Vic, he announces to Janine he will be supporting Linda and going to her meetings too.

Back at Sharon’s (Letitia Dean), Zack is concerned when he hears Linda tell Annie she will win Mick back.

Zack warns her about tryin to reunite with Mick and Linda is left feeling down.

But Nancy (Maddy Hill) invites her mother to a business meeting and asks Mick to join too.

He initially refuses but joins later to celebrate Linda getting a reduced price on the space to start her business.

Seeing her parents back together, Nancy slips out and tells Janine she left the two alone.

Janine is left feeling paranoid and desperatly wants Linda as far away from Mick as possible.

Knowing it’s not enough Mick has left his wife because of her alcohol addiction, Janine offers her £25K to leave Walford.

Linda agrees but states she wants double the money.

She further riles up Janine when she plants seeds of doubt about their relationship – hinting they will never last.

Janine becomes even more determined and comes up with a cunning plan.

As Zack and Nancy meet with the estate agent to sign the lease contract, Janine meets with Linda to hand over the money.

Janine makes it clear if Linda takes the £50K, she must leave tomorrow and the former landlady agrees.

As Linda prepares to leave, Zack clocks on to what’s happening. It’s not known if Linda does leave but if Zack tells Nancy about Janine’s deal, she will be furious.

Nancy will rush to tell Mick about Janine’s idea to get Linda out of their life forever. Learnong about his girlfriend’s actions, Mick will be left heartbroken.

Janine knows how important family is to Mick and as she wants to break up the Carters, he could leave her with an ultimatum.

Mick could tell Janine to leave Walford herself or be forced to stay in Albert Square watching him rebuild his relationship with Linda.

EastEnders airs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on BBC One from 7.30pm.

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