EastEnders viewers rage at Walford police for doubting Tina Carter's abuse

EastEnders‘ sadistic villain Stuart Highway relished in toying with Tina Carter’s fate in Thursday’s episode, but it was Walford police who angered viewers the most.

Stuart’s fate was left ambiguous in Tuesday’s episode (July 26) he was struck across the forehead with a wrench by Tina for taunting her over his part in abducting her years earlier, but viewers ultimately learned that he’d survived.

Conniving Stuart (Ricky Champ) went straight to police and gave them a falsified version of events, leading to them taking Tina (Luisa Bradshaw-White) into custody, to the shock of the Carter clan.

While Tina tried to explain to the police that she was acting in self-defence, viewers were outraged to see the police investigator openly scoff at Tina saying that she was too traumatised to report Stuart for abducting her years earlier.

Later, there was a scene attempting to counteract the incompetence of Tina’s investigator, when Mick assured her that others in the department would look more thoroughly into her story.

“It’s still your word against his. They’ll look into his past and they’ll get him. They will,” Mick insisted.

Relishing in seeing Mick (Danny Dyer) beg him to show mercy, Stuart flipped a coin to decide Tina’s fate and was not going to press charges, until Shirley threw a drink in his face and back-handed him. A second coin toss went against Tina, and sadistic Stuart gleefuly shrieked: “You lose!”

Fans are furious that Stuart has once again managed to one-up the Carter clan:

One person made a very keen observation:

The Slaters don’t seem to be getting along much better these days, after Kat (Jessie Wallace) admitted to nicking their stored cash to pay for her scooter. As payback for her thievery, the other Slaters forced her to clean Ian’s restaurant by herself!

Kat wasn’t up to the task, and fell asleep after nipping a drink. Surprisingly, Hayley Slater (Katie Jarvis) ultimately agreed to give a helping hand in the cleaning after Kat confessed that she’s determined to make a better life for her kids.

Robbie Jackson (Dean Gaffney) seemed back on fine form for the first time since Donna deserted him too — that is, until he overheard Martin and Kush chatting about how they set him up with a fake inspection.

A furious Robbie walked off the job, leaving a regretful Martin and Kush scrambling to pick up the pieces.

EastEnders continues on Friday (July 27) at 8pm.

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