Emmerdale betrayal as Rhona Goskirk and Marlon Dingle torn apart forever over secret?

Emmerdale: Rhona wears a silk dressing gown

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Rhona (played by Zoe Henry) and Marlon (Mark Charnock) are in one of the strongest positions they’ve ever been in Emmerdale and at the moment, it seems as if nothing can destroy their bubble, despite issues with finance and their children. However, as has been revealed prior to transmission, Pierce Harris (Jonathan Wrather) is going to come to the forefront of a new storyline on the ITV soap as it’s discovered he has a son. The young man will make himself known to Rhona as it becomes clear he needs to speak to her about her past with his father to understand the sort of man he is. However, as she tries to help newcomer Marcus Dean (Darcy Grey), she will want to keep the information from her partner as she will fear the consequences but in doing so, she could cause a whole heap of damage.

The last time Pierce reared his head in the village, he took the life of Rhona’s lover Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) and almost killed Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick).

Although Pierce will still be in prison, she will be fearful another of her lovers will be killed as a result of his presence, be it a secret son or in person.

Rhona will want to get a handle of what it is Marcus wants from her before letting him even break down the first wall she has rightly built up around her.

As she spends more time with the handsome stranger, he could develop a bond with him but when Marlon discovers what she’s been hiding from him, fireworks are set to explode across the village.

Firstly as the drama begins to unravel next week when Rhona receives a letter, she is sceptical to open it and Vanessa encourages her to get rid of it.

She discovers once reading the letter, defying Vanessa’s wishes, her ex-husband is dying and wants help to find his son.

Although her friend once again asks her to leave it be and to not help the villain, Rhona decides she is going to offer some assistance.

Knowing Marlon has been kept in the dark, a massive betrayal to their relationship, Vanessa threatens to tell him if her friend doesn’t stop this quest.

Still curious to find out more, Rhona tells her friend she has checked with the prison and has discovered Pierce was telling the truth.

Beginning her search for his secret son, she looks on social media but can find no trace of him and doesn’t know where to go next.

She’s trying to protect him

Zoe Henry

This leads her to ask Ryan Stocks (James Moore) for help and it’s not long before the technical genius presents her with a number.

Confiding in Vanessa again, the village vet says she has made contact with Pierce’s son and is waiting for a reply from him.

The newcomer does in fact leave a voicemail but this is intercepted by Vanessa before Rhona has a chance to hear it for herself.

She agrees to meet with the handsome stranger and pretends to be her friend in order to tell him to stay away from the village.

Though it seems Rhona is on to what Vanessa is doing as she soon turns up and is shocked to see Pierce’s son standing before her.

After Marcus interrupts the women arguing about the situation, he asks why Rhona got in contact with him in the first place.

As they have a heart to heart, the village vet is forced to confess his father is dying and wants to see him before he passes.

In the meantime, Marlon has no idea all of this is going on and is blissfully unaware of the danger his partner could be getting herself into.

However, when he realises Pierce has had a hand in keeping Marcus a secret from him, he will be furious and will want answers.

With Rhona pleading with him to forgive her over her betrayal, this could be the end for the two characters who have spent years trying to get together.

The actress who plays Rhona, Zoe, has spoken out about her new storyline to Express.co.uk and other media, teasing there will be some drama as Marlon is kept in the dark.

Explaining why her character doesn’t tell Marlon, the actress said: “Because she’s trying to protect him.

“She knows how badly what happened two years ago [Graham’s murder] had on him because Marlon was in prison [for murder].

“And so she’s just shielding him from it. She considers telling him because it is the right thing to do.

“But he’s got enough going on with the pub and everything [so she doesn’t really want to tell him the truth about Marcus].”

The soap star touched upon how much she has enjoyed playing the on/off romance between Rhona and Marlon over the years.

Zoe explained: “I’ve made no secret of it but I am a big fan of them.

“I think if you people together that are friends or have a history of working together, you’re going to have better results.

“So going back to Mark [the actor who plays Marlon], Mark and I have known each other for 22 years which is an appallingly long time.

“But I think it acts as a shorthand when you’re on set and you’re able to bring something else in the scene and I hope that comes across.

“We do enjoy working together, it’s good fun,” she continued but is it finally time for the two characters to part ways?

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode airing on Thursdays at 8pm.

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