Emmerdale death as Sam Dingle turns killer after Lydias unforgivable betrayal?

Emmerdale: Meena brutally murders Ben

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Sam (played by James Hooton) has been taking a backseat on Emmerdale of late, with other members of his family such as Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) and Liv Flaherty (Isobel Steele) taking centre stage. With Lydia (Karen Blick) believing she is implicated in the death of Ben Tucker (Simon Lennon), she wanted to tell the police everything she knew from the night he died. However, it seems the village cleaner is going to betray the icon ITV soap family after she ratted them out to the authorities for destroying evidence but will this result in her death?

Wednesday’s episode began with Lydia struggling to keep the secret Liv attacked Ben the night he was killed by Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu), although no one in the village knows that.

With the video evidence on his phone, which Liv taking took off him before his death, Lydia advised they hand it into the police.

As the walls closed in around her, the youngster admitted to her brother Aaron she and his boyfriend had a physical altercation.

Telling him his partner’s phone was with Lydia, the brother and sister duo burst into Wishing Well Cottage to see the footage Ben recorded of Liv attacking him.

“I thought you said you were going to get rid of that,” Liv shouted at Sam’s wife, who was clutching the mobile in her hand.

The youngster demanded her brother get rid of it when Lydia handed to him but he proceeded to watch the video of the attack.

Liv professed her innocence and Aaron said she was so drunk there was no way she was composed enough to be able to kill someone.

“We need to decide what we’re going to do,” Lydia told the brother and sister, with Sam concerned his wife was getting involved.

However, she continued, telling the pair: “People are looking for that and the police are already asking questions.”

Aaron took the phone in his hand and deleted the footage, with Sam’s wife telling him that was “destroying” evidence.

I’m not twisting anything

Karen Blick

Aaron told his sister to wait outside and when she closed the door, he stood to his feet and told his cousin no one was ever to know what happened.

Sam agreed not to say a word in line with the Dingle code but his wife was less than impressed with having to hide secrets.

As he attended to the pigpen later in the episode, Lydia argued with Sam why they should go to the police and betray the family.

“I cannot stop thinking of Ben,” she admitted, concerned about how Liv actually didn’t know if she killed him or not.

Sam hit back as he declared: “It’s all settled any road. Keep [quiet]” but his wife wasn’t giving up on her argument.

“What if the police coming knocking?” she asked, to which her husband replied: “We don’t say anything.”

“And what if they work out she’s lying? That we’re all lying, it will make things worse,” the village cleaner continued.

“They could chuck us in a cell and then who will look out for Samson [Dingle], then?” she added and her spouse was getting angrier and angrier by the second.

After he told her not to twist things, she hit back and said: “I’m not twisting anything. I’m saying lying is wrong.”

Sam brought up his wife’s past, how she completely changed her identity so no one would ever find her when she became an adult.

“You’re right though, I did lie and my life took this awful turn as a result,” Lydia told her enraged husband, adding: “When I look back, I was just a frightened young girl who needed help.

“Liv’s on a path, too. Drinking, violence, a life full of lies,” she continued and when Sam suggested by lying they were helping her, Lydia was unnerved.

After making her argument again, he hit back and declared: “We use our laws,” and when Lydia rolled her eyes at the Dingle clan Sam added: “You say that like it doesn’t matter?

“Don’t I matter? Does this marriage mean nothing to you? They are our rules so just follow them,” the father of one demanded.

By the end of the episode, they were trying to skirt off the idea by heading off to bed after a stressful day of arguing.

Lydia held back, however, and informed the police about the evidence she had stumbled across and in upcoming scenes, the authorities will make Liv their prime suspect.

However, if Sam discovers his wife has betrayed him and as he was so angry about her trying to disobey the rules, he could lose his cool.

In a head confrontation, he could kill his wife as their argument gets out of hand and he would be the one looking at a murder charge.

Needing to get rid of the body, he could bury his spouse on the grounds of Wishing Well cottage so she can be close by.

However, when he starts explaining his wife has left him to other people, will he be able to keep on top of all the lies?

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode airing on Thursdays at 8pm.

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