Emmerdale fans baffled by couple's 'super hearing' after hilarious eavesdropping blunder

EMMERDALE fans were left baffled by Brenda Walker and Bear Wolf's "super hearing" after their hilarious eavesdropping blunder.

The pair couldn't help but listen in on Eric Pollard and Faith Dingle's intense conversation in the village.

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Eric used to go out with Faith, but is now in a relationship with Brenda.

Earlier this year the former bar assistant tried to put it on Eric, not knowing that he had moved on – and ever since the cafe owner has given her the cold shoulder.

Last night they bumped into each other and Faith decided to approach the situation, explaining that although they might not be together now, they once were.

She said: "So I made a mistake, there's no need to treat me like I just came off your shoe!"

Eric replied: "Alright, maybe that was a little harsh."

Faith said: "Harsh? Cold. More like Eric, cold. And we used to have something! Still I shouldn't be surprised should I? Seeing as it's you!"

Eric soon realised that what he had done was a little mean and said: "Faith, what happened, or didn't happen a couple of weeks ago…

"I didn't mean to offend you then or now."

As the two were deep in conversation, a devastated Brenda appeared from nowhere and saw the two talking.

The cafe owner looked devastated by their chat, but viewers of the hit show pointed out that it would literally be impossible to hear anything exchanged between the two from that distance.

One wrote on Twitter: "Does everybody in #emmerdale have super hearing."

A second said: "Does everybody in #Emmerdale have super hearing?"

A third chimed in: "How can bear and Brenda here that far ? #Emmerdale."

Last night fans were also convinced that Nicola and Jimmy King will lose custody of son Carl after screaming at him.

The haulage boss is in a lot of trouble at the moment considering he's facing prison after killing Paul Ashdale by dangerous driving.

The pair are also in a lot of financial trouble at the moment, and things aren't any better now that Jimmy's son Carl's biological mother Juliette is trying to get custody of him.

During yesterday's instalment, Nicola got fed up of Jimmy feeling sorry for him and they started arguing in the village.

She shouted: "If you’re not going to bother to fight for him then why the hell should I?”

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