Emmerdale fans convinced Victoria's baby's father is Ellis NOT rapist Lee as they work out her due date

EMMERDALE fans have worked out Victoria Sugden's due date and are convinced that she is pregnant with Ellis Chapman's baby – NOT rapist Lee's.

Last night's episode of the ITV soap saw Victoria break down as she attended her 12-week scan, with fans realising that she is due in January.

The character, played by Isabel Hodgins, was raped by evil Lee after a night out, with the disturbing scenes airing on 25 April.

If the show is running in linear time, Victoria would only be 10 weeks pregnant.

Victoria was casually dating Ellis [Asan N'Jie] before the attack occurred, and attentive fans believe that the due date is a clue that he is the true father of the baby.

Flocking to social media, one viewer asked: "Can someone please explain to me how Victoria is already 12 weeks pregnant on Emmerdale?

"It just doesn’t add up – didn’t she have a drunken night with Ellis?"

Another added: "The big night out was 25th April. 10 weeks ago. So if she is 12 weeks pregnant is Ellis the father?"

A third said: "If Emmerdale is running completely up to date, Victoria would be 10 weeks pregnant not 12.

"She's gonna go into 'early labour' over Christmas and give birth to a baby that looks suspiciously like Ellis. Calling it now."

One viewer shared: "12 weeks gone? It's not the rapist's."

Another tweeted: "How can Victoria be 12 weeks pregnant? The Big Night Out was only 10 weeks ago."

Meanwhile, it has been speculated that Victoria's brother Robert could end up murdering Lee as part of his upcoming exit storyline.

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Last month, The Sun Online revealed that actor Ryan Hawley was quitting the soap after five years, and it didn't take long for fans to predict that he will be imprisoned for getting revenge on the rapist.

Robert was understandably left devastated when he learned about Victoria's attack and even disowned her when she refused to abort the baby after she realised that she is pregnant.

Viewers previously thought that Robert and his partner Aaron could end up raising the baby instead, but the theory appeared to be disproved when Hawley's exit was confirmed.

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