Emmerdale fans slam ‘ridiculous’ Meena plot hole in hospital twist

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Emmerdale fans have slammed 'ridiculous' Meena Jutla played by Paige Sandhu, plot hole in hospital twist.

The latest episode of the ITV soap saw Meena staying at her sister's Manpreet Sharma, played by Rebecca Sarker, bedside in hospital despite visitors being told to leave.

Manpreet was seen in hospital in a critical condition in an intensive care unit (ICU) suite following being injured in an explosion at the Woolpack recently.

Meena was joined by Charles Anderson, played by actor Kevin Mathurin, when she went to check on her.

As they arrived the patient's heart rate dramatically increased causing a member of staff asking the pair of visitors to wait outside as he and a colleague stabilised Manpreet.

Killer Meena refused to the leave the room while Charles went out.

She said: "I'm a registered nurse [with] 10 years in critical care. A familiar face will reassure my sister."

Her claim convinced staff in letting her star at the hospital.

The soap viewers were left unimpressed by the plot line with some saying it is unrealistic for her to be permitted to stay by just claiming she was a nurse.

One Emmerdale fan said: "Meena says 'I'm a nurse and worked in critical care as a doctor' and he believes her and lets her stay. Good grief, get a grip. It's making the NHS look ridiculous."

Another added: "So all I have to say is I am a qualified nurse and I can stay in the room? No need for or ID."

"This is just a load of crap now. Since when has someone told hospital staff 'I'll stay and have the run of the room'," wrote a third.

One viewer said: "So now anyone can say to a doctor 'I'm a nurse [with] 10 years in critical care' and straight away he believes you? Who writes this crap?"

Another viewer who felt it was inaccurate, added: "No way would they let Meena stay in the room, even if she is a nurse."

The scene led one viewer to write: "Emmerdale doing a big disservice to NHS security at the moment." Whilst another said: "If Meena kills her, I'm giving up. So glad our NHS are not this thick."

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