Emmerdale fans slam unbelievable plot twist as Meena takes court room hostage

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Emmerdale viewers couldn't believe what they were seeing on Thursday night after Meena Jutla held a courtroom hostage.

After receiving a guilty verdict for the murders of Leanna Cavanagh, Andrea Tate and Ben Tucker, Meena was shocked when she realised that she could be in prison for life.

After crying out in despair, Meena was attacked by Nadine's sister in a fit of rage as she also felt she should have been charged for Nadine's murder too.

But moments later, in shocking scenes, the serial killer took a knife and held it to Manpreet's throat and commanded everyone to do exactly what she says.

Holding the court hostage, fans couldn't believe the plot twist and took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the "ridiculous" story.

One person commented: "How on earth are they getting away with producing such absolute b*****ks with this Meena crap? Insult to the audience and other storylines."

Another shared: "This is getting ridiculous now, just send her down ffs."

A third said: "I would absolutely embarrassed to put my name to this sh**e if I was your scriptwriters. Talk about jumping the shark!"

While a fourth added: "FFS @emmerdale this is the most outrageous & unbelievable crap in soap history. As if there wouldn't have already been armed police in the court for the trial of a serial killer. Whoever writes these scripts needs to do some proper research or at least try for realism."

Meena left the courtroom in shock when she held everyone left inside hostage.

But the nurse seemed to take pleasure in the fact that she was the centre of attention and wanted to make sure she went out with a bang.

Later on, armed police officers did manage to show up and demanded Meena to put her weapon down.

But Meena who still had a knife in her hand kidnapped Manpreet as she tried to make her escape from the court.

However, she was finally caught by the armed officers at the very end, who dragged her right back into prison.

With all the drama unravelling on screen, fans were still not convinced that the storyline gave a realistic portrayal.

Jumping back on Twitter, one viewer wrote: "I love Emmerdale. It is my favourite soap, but please…is this episode for real? I’m embarrassed watching it."

Meanwhile, another shared: "The writing on Emmerdale is far more traumatising than that storyline could ever be."

But others seemed to enjoy it, with one person writing: "Wow holy mother Mary Joseph and the wee donkey how good was #Emmerdale."

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