Emmerdale spoilers: Andrea Tate blackmails Jamie into staying with her – or she'll tell the police he ran over Moira

ANDREA Tate threatens to report Jamie Tate to the police for running over Moira Barton after he announces he’s leaving her. 

Andrea – who is played by Anna Nightingale on the ITV soap – has been scheming ways to win Jamie back from his assistant Belle ever since she discovered their affair.

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Determined to punish Jamie, Andrea then disappeared from the village without a trace and hid in a hotel before her friend Leyla managed to persuade her to return home.

But Andrea was distraught when she returned to the village to the sight of Jamie and Belle in each other’s arms and vanished yet again. 

Later that evening, Jamie stumbled upon Millie in the kitchen – with Andrea nowhere to be seen. 

Episodes set to air this week will see Jamie hop into his car and trace Kim’s mystery caller, hoping that it’ll lead him to Andrea’s location.

And next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Andrea try and convince Jamie he must have hit an animal after he bumps into something in the car. 

But when Lydia later reveals that Moira has been the victim of a hit and run, Jamie struggles to hide his shock. 

When he heads out alone, Andrea worries what he might do. 

At the hospital, Belle is immediately puzzled by Jamie's paranoid behaviour.

But just as he is about to reveal everything to Belle, Andrea bursts in and stops him from talking about the hit and run.

Later, back at Home Farm, Jamie feels hemmed in by Andrea.

When Belle arrives and demands to see Jamie, Andrea tries to convince her that he’s not interested in seeing her and leaves her in tears.

The following day Andrea convinces Jamie that they should keep the accident hidden from Kim.

She also convinces him that it would be best to pretend they’re back together.

Jamie agrees and devastates Belle when she later sees him in the cafe with Andrea.

But later, Jamie goes against Andrea's wishes and seeks out Belle to tell her he has to make a choice between them.

Meanwhile, Andrea is busy organising a date night but she’s shocked when Jamie announces he doesn’t love her anymore – and that he’s chosen Belle. 

A distraught Andrea then threatens to go to the police about the hit and run if he leaves her.

What will Jamie decide to do?

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