Emmerdale spoilers: Charity Dingle devastated as Mackenzie Boyd cheats on her

THERE's drama in the Dales for Mackenzie Boyd and Charity Dingle as they haven't had the most peaceful of relationships.

And things between them take a nasty and surprising turn when the barmaid spots her partner cheating on her.

In an upcoming instalment of Emmerdale, scheduled to air next week, Charity's (Emma Atkins) son gets terrible news about his adoptive mother Irene.

But with Charity taking her son Moses to a playdate with Johnny, Vanessa's son, she is thick in conversation with her former fiancée, leading her to reject both Mackenzie's (Lawrence Robb) and Ryan's calls.

Eventually, Mackenzie convinces Ryan to tell Charity the news… only to blurt it all out himself the next day.

Charity is left upset at Mackenzie for not telling her anything sooner but, unfortunately, this causes conflict within their relationship and even with Ryan.

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A frustrated Mackenzie hits the booze and is soon discussing their relationship with Dawn (Olivia Bromley).

Little does he know that Vanessa is encouraging Charity to fix things with him.

Determined to patch things up with Mackenzie, Charity looks for him but before any conversation can take place, she spots him drunk across a road.

Spotting her with Vanessa, Mackenzie turns to Dawn… and kisses her.

This not only causes the end of their relationship but also kick-starts conflict with Billy Fletcher, who is furious to hear Mackenzie kissed Dawn.

And when he finds out from Vanessa that Charity was looking for him to apologise, Mackenzie realises he messed up.

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Mackenzie has been feeling insecure about the stability of his relationship with Charity for several weeks, since Vanessa's return to the village.

Convinced that his partner could be rekindling her relationship with her ex-fiancée, Mackenzie is not feeling confident about Moses and Johnny's playdate.

After all, an illicit kiss did begin his relationship with Charity.

Feeling Vanessa was growing distant from her and terrified she was going to leave her, back in October 2020, Charity kissed Mackenzie, although she was unaware that Tracy (Vanessa's sister) had taken a picture.

A betrayed Vanessa – who was also battling cancer – departed from the village, leaving Charity to be with Mackenzie.

Vanessa made her return to the Dales ahead of New Year's Eve, upon visiting her sister Tracy and supporting her when it was discovered that Nate had been unfaithful.

After jumping through hurdles, is this really the end of Mackenzie and Charity?

Will there be hope for them to patch things up?

All that and more on Emmerdale, airing weeknights on ITV at 7pm with a second episode airing at 8pm on Thursdays.

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