Emmerdale spoilers: Paul fighting for his life after being attacked by gangster Connor

PAUL Ashdale’s life is left hanging in the balance next week in Emmerdale after he’s attacked by crooked Connor. 

Mandy will kick Paul – who is played by Reece Dinsdale – out of her home when he comes clean about gambling behind her back. 

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Viewer will see Vinny tell Paul that if he doesn’t come clean to Mandy about his gambling, he’ll have to. 

But as Paul arrives at the pub to come clean, Mandy launches into a dramatic musical proposal.

Paul panics and agrees to marry Mandy, leaving Vinny gutted but when he later challenges his dad, Paul turns violent. 

Vinny then opens up to Liv about Paul’s gambling and, when Paul bursts into the scene, Vinny starts to cry. 

Paul is devastated by Vinny’s tears and later comes clean to Mandy about his secret. 

A furious Mandy throws Paul out onto the street, stuffing his belongings in a bag to take to the pawn shop. 

Later at the scrapyard, Sam and Lydia arrive to see Paul and are sympathetic towards him. 

But when gangster Connor – who Paul owes money to – emerges from the shadows, they scuttle off. 

Mandy and Vinny discuss Paul’s betrayal, but they’re stunned when they get a call telling them Paul has been taken to A&E.

Will they care enough to go to his bedside?

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