Emmerdale spoilers: Pregnant Gabby Thomas issues Jamie Tate with a shocking demand

GABBY Thomas issues Jamie Tate with a shocking demand next week in Emmerdale.

The pair recently teamed up to destroy Jamie’s mother Kim Tate after he was revealed as the mystery culprit who’d been poisoning her. 

Next week, Gabby presents Jamie with a now-or-never ultimatum, suggesting they elope and marry.

But it all proves too much for Jamie and he storms out, running to find his ex Dawn. 

Dawn is incredulous when he expresses his feelings for her, but softens when he suggests running away from their problems together. 

Dawn is left torn when Jamie urges her to follow her heart. 

Meanwhile, Diane uncovers Gabby’s plan to elope with Jamie and begs for her to abandon her plan. 

When Gabby fails to get hold of Jamie, she packs her bags and heads out of Home Farm on a mission. 

Gabby leaves Jamie a message telling her to meet him on a lane outside the village so that they can elope together. 

Gabby waits on a country road after Jamie promises he’s on his way, but is he lying?

Diane and Kim screech to a halt next to Gabby’s parked car and beg her to see that Jamie isn’t in love with her.

Will Gabby see sense?

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