Emmerdale theory: Kerry Wyatt blamed for Amelia Spencers death as heartbreak unravels

Emmerdale: Kerry Wyatt helps Daz Spencer to get a makeover

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Kerry (played by Laura Norton) has always seen Amelia (Daisy Campbell) as a second daughter on Emmerdale, having been a mother figure to the youngster when she was in a relationship with Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) a few years ago. Therefore, she has become concerned the teenager hasn’t been herself recently and she has been working with the school girl’s uncle to get to the bottom of what has been playing on her mind. However, when it seems Amelia drops a big hint about some challenges she has been facing in upcoming scenes on the ITV soap, Kerry’s ignorance could lead to some deadly consequences.

The drama continues in this week’s episodes as Kerry and Amelia finally spend some one-on-one time together as they are usually with other people when they talk.

Hoping the youngster will confide in her about what’s been bothering her, Kerry keeps the conversation light-hearted and shows an interest in social media influencers.

This is something the teenager has been obsessed with for weeks so Kerry hopes this will be a good starting point for them.

It’s not long before the troublemaker is looking through her phone and notices her daughter-figure has been posting pictures online.

Making a joke about the highly filtered images, Kerry is insensitive to the fact Amelia has been altering images of herself as she isn’t happy with how she looks.

This leaves the youngster frustrated as she would have thought Kerry would be the last person to make fun of her for this.

It seems this is the hint all is not well with the youngster but believing the issue lies elsewhere, Kerry could completely ignore the issue of self-confidence and psychical appearance.

If she had maybe picked this up earlier then the schoolgirl could have got some counselling so she could understand her own thoughts better.

However, with the issue-based storyline set to carry on for the next few weeks and months, things could start to get worse for Amelia.

As well as exercising all the time, she has also stopped eating recently and this will result in her body starting to shut down.

Kerry and Dan have been through so much

Laura Norton

With no one picking up on this until it’s too late, Kerry and Dan could be heartbroken if the teenager is admitted to the hospital.

Although the medical professionals could work their hardest to give the youngster’s body what she needs, ultimately, their efforts could be unsuccessful.

As news reaches the village of Amelia’s untimely death, Dan could start looking for answers as to why he didn’t notice the signs earlier.

Knowing she could have done more, Kerry will start to think back on the conversations she has had with the teenager.

This could be when the penny drops as she realises the day they were talking about filtering images, the youngster was crying out for help.

Not wanting this guilt to eat her up, Kerry could explain everything to Dan and instead of accepting this information lightly, he could lose it.

Dan could blame his former lover for his niece’s death, telling her if she had intervened, Amelia would still be with them.

Having caused Frank Clayton’s (Michael Praed) death a few years ago, Kerry would think history was starting to repeat itself.

But will she realise Dan is just needing someone to direct his anger toward as part of processing his grief?

Or will Kerry start to believe she is actually a bad omen, who despite trying to put others first, has found herself looking back at her past self?

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However, Amelia’s death could also push them back together if Dan accepts his niece’s death wasn’t down to Kerry at all.

Having been lovers in the past, they did once get married but they ultimately decided to split when their relationship became too toxic.

They have spent a fair few years apart now and it has both given them time to mature and to see where things could have gone wrong.

Without Amelia, it would be difficult for them to both find happiness again until they realise they make each other happy.

Despite being in a relationship with Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) at the moment, Kerry could decide Dan is the man she wants to be with.

Back in 2018, the actress who plays Kerry, Laura, called for her character to walk down the aisle with Dan sometime in the future.

The soap star explained: “Obviously the big fat gypsy wedding we had was amazing.

“But Kerry and Dan have been through so much that I’d love to see them have a wedding that’s different – subdued and intimate.

“So hopefully if they come through this Amelia situation in a positive way, that could be next,” she explained in an interview with Inside Soap.

“Like any traumatic event within a relationship, it puts a massive strain on things,” she added.

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7:30pm on ITV, with an hour-long episode airing on Thursdays.

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