Emmerdale villagers turn their backs on Debbie Dingle over acid attack reveal

Debbie Dingle will have to fight for the respect of her neighbours after they begin to learn she was behind Ross Barton’s acid attack.

Ross first tells his brother, Pete, and Debbie fears he may be about to tell the village about her terrible deeds.

However, Ross plans on going for a lunch date with Rebecca to move on from the ordeal, but things go south when Rebecca fails to show up on the date.

Pete was concerned about the date and so after Ross storms out, he finds Dawn, who helped him track down the acid attacker himself, and the two end up becoming very intimate indeed.

Rebecca eventually arrives and realises what has happened between Ross and Dawn, and is upset by it, but Pete believes there’s only one person to blame for Ross’ behaviour – Debbie.

So Pete heads over to The Woolpack and publicly confronts Debbie by saying she ruined Ross’ life, leaving everyone speechless and unsure about what Pete is alluding to.

Chas Dingle orders Debbie into the back room where Debbie finally admits to Chas and her daughter, Sarah, that she was responsible for the attack.

Both of them are horrified, and later Debbie tries to see Sarah, but Faith Dingle tells her Sarah will not speak to her.

So Debbie turns to her mum, Charity Dingle, and Charity’s girlfriend Vanessa Hardwick, and tells them both the truth.

They are also shocked, but help to get Sarah over to speak to Debbie, along with some persuasion from Faith.

But Sarah says she will not make peace with her mum and instead blames Debbie’s boyfriend Joe Tate, saying he has turned Debbie into a horrible person.

But once the rest of the village found out, will Debbie be able to win back the love of her friends and family?

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode on Thursday at 8pm.

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