Emmerdale's Ethan will expose Luke Posner's sexuality lies to Victoria Sugden reveals Emile John

EMMERDALE village newcomer Ethan is going to expose Luke Posner for lying about his sexuality to Victoria Sugden.

Actor Emile John – who plays lawyer Ethan in the ITV soap – arrived in the village with a bang earlier this month when he was framed for drugs possession by Sarah Sugden.

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After a battle for his career, things have calmed down for Ethan but they're set to take a dramatic turn when he runs into Luke with girlfriend Victoria Sugden.

Next week he will confront Luke about him pretending to be straight.

An angry Luke will insist he's not gay, and lay on the lovey-dovey stuff with Victoria to overcompensate.

Now Emile has revealed that Ethan won't let Luke get away with lying.

Speaking to The Sun and other media, he said: "Ethan is a righteous man.

"If he senses someone is being lied to, he will confront who he needs to to put it right. Luke is not an exception to that rule."

Viewers will soon discover the truth about Ethan and Luke's history said Emile.

He teased: "There’s definitely a familiarity between them and the way it unravels and evolves is sure to shock the viewers.

"It’s not how you’d expect the relationship to start.

"I think Ethan thrives in exposing the truth and revealing people’s shortcomings so they can learn and grow.

"It’s a harsh method and there are sure to be consequences in the case of Luke and Victoria – it could shatter the trust between them."

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