Every Masked Singer character from Sausage to Seahorse and clues to who they are

ITV has revealed its line-up of weird and wonderful characters who will take centre stage on this year's series of The Masked Singer.

The wacky smash hit returns to British screens for a second series on Boxing Day and creators have finally unveiled the costumes our mystery celebs will be wearing.

Show bosses have also released a series of tantalising clues to see if anyone can guess the stars – who will be dressed as Alien, Sausage, Grandfather Clock and Viking.

Host Joel Dommett returns to front the show with judges Davina McCall, Rita Ora and Jonathan Ross.

This year they are joined by comedian Mo Billigan who is stepping into the shoes of last year's judge Ken Jeong.

Here, we take a look at each new character and examine the clues – can you guess who they are?


Clue: 'Who hopes to dazzle earthlings with out of this world performances'.

With its Predator-like hair and mask, fans of the show will be hoping this celeb does not put on a scary performance and instead has people pleading for them so say 'I'll be back'.

The blue skin and big eyes give Alien a more welcoming look than it's Hollywood horror counterparts and fans could be left scratching their heads until the big reveal.


Clue: 'Who is all wrapped up in a newspaper BUT will Sausage be the talk of the town?'

The giant sausage will hope to be belting out some banging tunes or else risk being told has had his chips.

A clue to the mystery celeb's true identity could be held in the newspaper cover, but – like most good bangers – he'll be sure to expect a fair old grilling from the judges.


Clue: 'Is a cutie but, when they open their mouth to sing, can they bring the fire?'

Many viewers will hope this kindly, colourful creature will not just be full of a lot of hot air.

While some may argue they are too green to be on the show, others will say the Dragon deserves to be in their own Game of Thrones.


Clue: 'Is a beautiful marine creature who will be hoping their singing goes swimmingly'

This singer will hope they can ride of the crest of a wave and make it all the way to the final week.

There won't be much time for horseplay though as the judges will be out in force to find out just who it is lurking beneath the surface.


Clue: 'Is armed with a sword and wearing a helmet and clearly taking this battle seriously!'

The giant bearded Viking looks set to follow in his ancestors footsteps and bring chaos to Britain – if only for a few weeks this time.

Complete with sword and shield, the big-headed brute could be hiding a real-life action man – or just someone who desperately need a haircut.


Clue: 'Has many eyes but will all eyes and ears be on Blob?!'

With four huge eyes and a big, cheesy grin this blob is a million miles away from his horror movie namesake.

But they will be hoping they can seep into our front rooms with a squeeze out some fans.

Let's just hope they are better at singing than Mr Blobby.


Clue: 'Could be a joker in the pack or a stunning singer'

Wearing a huge gown, this star looks set to be belle of the ball when the fun kicks off later this month.

But show bosses are teasing the dual roles of this particular fancy Harlequin who could bring in the tears – but will be of joy or laughter.


Clue: 'Will be confidently swanning into town but when swan sings will they ruffle feathers?'

This celeb will be hoping they are not the ugly duckling of the competition and instead ensure they claim a feather in their cap.

Like their graceful animal namesake, Swan will be hoping they look calm above the surface while their working furiously below it.

Bush Baby

Clue" 'Is an adorable looking cheeky fluffy fella but will the voice match the cute appearance?'

These small animals are known to be nocturnal and fans will be hoping our very own Bush Baby makes every appearance on the show a night to remember.

Could their youthful name be a clue to their true age – or is it a double bluff?


Clue: 'Steps out of the sett but will this badger stand out from the crowd'

Dressed in leather like a biker, this Badger will hope he is on the road to success once the show starts.

Fans will also be looking out to see if this wild beast gives any clues to his identity – or does he follow his notoriously shy namesake and play his cards close to his chest.


Clue: 'This rockin’ Robin will be hoping to deliver tweet harmonies and show that he’s not just for Christmas but planning to go the distance.'

More Autumnwatch than Batman, this Robin looks set to bring the festive cheer to the show – but will they be the superhero we all need.

With a clue hinting to a 'rockin' Robin', this star could be

Grandfather Clock

Clue: 'Is the original Tik Tok and will be making every second on stage count.'

A hint to social media but will this person end up making us all look like twits?

Looking like a giant version of a Disney character, this star will be hoping the judges and viewers make their dreams come true.

Broadcast across eight episodes, the panel will be tasked with guessing the identities of 12 celebrities dressed in amazing costumes with subtle hints placed each week.

The first series of The Masked Singer was won by Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts, who performed as Queen Bee.

It also featured celebrities including comedian Jason Manford, singers Katherine Jenkins, Kelis and Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears, as well as EastEnders actress Patsy Palmer.

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