Exclusive 'Blade: The Iron Cross' Clip: Puppet Master Creates a Standalone Film for Its Beloved Puppet Assassin Character

Are you a fan of homicidal puppets killing people in early 20th century America? Then the Puppet Master series has another ripper of a movie for you with Blade: The Iron Cross, the franchise’s first standalone feature film centered around the beloved homicidal hook-handed puppet assassin, Blade. /Film is debuting an exclusive Blade: The Iron Cross clip from the film, which debuts this June.

Blade The Iron Cross Clip

A journalist and her photographer investigate a pair of mutilated bodies in the clip from Blade: The Iron Cross, a film that is definitely not about the other well-known character of the same name. No, this is the Blade for murderous puppet fans, from the Puppet Master series, which has been going strong since 1989. For those unfamiliar with the Puppet Master franchise, here’s a crash course: A puppeteer named André Toulon created living puppets, and they kill people. And it’s proven wildly popular in the decades since the franchise began in 1989, recently returning in full pulpy form with films like Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich (which is technically an unrelated reboot) and the like.

“The Puppet Master films are pivotal in the Full Moon Features legacy,” Full Moon Features CEO Charles Band said in a statement . “Not only are they favorites among our fans, but they remain the most successful direct-to-video movie franchise in history and they have always been a joy for us to create. Especially during this uncertain time, we couldn’t be more thrilled to give our fans the standalone Blade feature they have been waiting for.”

If homicidal puppets that battle Nazis does it for you, who am I to judge? Though this film’s title does make me wonder if Toulon created Blade with the knowledge that another very famous character had the same name. Anyways, if you’re looking for the Blade that hunts vampires, this is not that Blade.

Here’s the synopsis for Blade: The Iron Cross:

Blade: The Iron Cross will make its worldwide debut exclusively on the Full Moon Features channel and app on June 26, 2020.

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