Ezra Miller’s Chocking Video Might Cause ‘The Flash’ Movie Cancellation

Words are Warner Bros. is considering canceling the long-gestating project, which has Miller attached to reprise his role as Barry Allen, after a viral video showed the actor choking and slamming a female fan.

AceShowbiz -The long-gestating “The Flash” movie might be scrapped altogether, not because of creative issues which have been plaguing the development, but its star’s recent behavior. Ezra Miller, who is attached to reprise his role as Barry Allen a.k.a. the Scarlet Speedster, was recently caught choking and slamming a female fan in a viral video.

After news of Miller’s brutal violence made its way round the web. Warner Bros. is now reported considering to cancel the upcoming solo Flash movie. According to the Lords of The Long Box YouTube channel, a source at Warner Bros. says the video sent shockwaves throughout the company.

WB is reportedly wary of keeping Miller in the role as the bad publicity will haunt the solo film and any future appearances of him as The Flash in other films. The company is currently investigating the incident, which happened at a bar in Iceland when Miller was apparently drunk. The source claims the findings of the investigation will determine whether the company will cancel the movie or go on with the project.

The source further says that many executives at Warner Bros. are not excited about the project to begin with as it has been in development hell for years. They are allegedly quietly hoping to reboot The Flash, the same way it has done with Batman. It’s noted that while it will take a while before the decision is made, The Flash doesn’t look to have a bright future.

According to the source, the recent incident in Iceland might also affect Miller’s future involvement in “Fantastic Beasts 3“.

The video, which surfaced on Sunday night, April 5, showed Miller challenging the woman to a duel. “Oh, you wanna fight? That’s what you wanna do?” he’s heard saying when the excited female fan approached him. The 27-year-old star then grabbed the woman by the throat and pushed her towards the aisle truck parked right behind her, before throwing her on the ground.

Variety later confirmed that the video is real, with a source at the bar in Reykjavik, the Iceland capital, describing the incident as “a serious altercation.” The source, Prikid Kaffihus, identified the aggressor as Miller and said that the actor was escorted off the premises.

Following the incident, fans have taken to Twitter, demanding the actor be replaced with Grant Gustin in The Flash movie. “They should pull a Robert Pattinson and put Grant Gustin as the DCEU Flash,” one reacted to the news. Another weighed in, “Not so great news for Ezra; but maybe now Grant Gustin gets cast in the flash movie.”

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