Ferne McCann reveals she had a 'closing of the bones' ceremony

There’s a nice gin bar next door too called The Peg & Patriot. I love east London, it has a really nice vibe to it and reminds me of my grandparents, who were from there.

I’m in to crystal healing, meditation and mindfulness. I recently had a ‘closing of the bones’ ceremony. It’s a treatment you have after having a baby. It brings all your bones and your hips back into alignment and celebrates that you gave birth. You go through so much when you’re pregnant and when you give birth, and this is a very holistic, meditational, spiritual treatment.

My favourite red-carpet outfit was the dress I wore to the National TV Awards this year. It was the first big event I’d been to since having Sunday, so it was a big deal. I felt amazing. I’d recently gone blonde and the dress was champagne gold and backless. The red carpet is usually so daunting but I was drenched in jewels and felt very Hollywood glam.

I’d save Sunday’s favourite blanket from a fire. It’s custom-designed with her name on it. She has it with her all the time and she sleeps with it. She even struggles when it’s in the wash. I’m emotionally attached to a lot of things – I keep swimming gala certificates from when I was five – but it’s not about me any more!

The best thing about being a mum is having someone to love unconditionally. Sunday has completely changed me as a person. She’s shaped me and made me grow up in many ways – she came along at the perfect time. She’s such a chilled baby. My new show is all about our life together. It also touches on the media interest about what’s been going on in my life [her ex-boyfriend Arthur Collins was jailed for an acid attack
in London] and how it affects me.

There are no lazy mornings with a baby! On a Saturday, I’ll get up, feed Sunday, then meet my mum for brunch. Later, my best friend Carl will come over, I’ll do the bathtime routine and put Sunday to bed before making dinner, opening a bottle of wine and watching Netflix. I’m happiest when I’m at home.

I think most people would be surprised to that know I’m actually a really good artist. I don’t do it as often as I’d like as my life is so hectic with Sunday and work. I love to paint portraits of people in my own style. One day I’d like to have a room where I could go to paint and relax.

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