Former Made in Chelsea star says the show is “constructed” after filming “total reality show” Ex on the Beach

Most fans have come to terms with the fact that Made in Chelsea is more structured reality than fly-on-the-wall, but one former SW4 cast member – who has channel-hopped over to MTV for a stint on the new series of Ex on the Beach – has revealed just how different the filming experiences have been.

Daisy Robins joined the Chelsea crew for its thirteenth series in 2017, but didn’t last long. Now she’s making a name for herself as part of the Ex on the Beach gang. What a crossover.

In an exclusive chat with Digital Spy, the 25-year-old said that filming with MTV has been “insanely different”, largely because Made in Chelsea is, in her words, “constructed”.

“Chelsea is a constructed reality, whereas this [Ex on the Beach] is a total reality show,” Daisy said. “I think in Chelsea, they didn’t let me show my true personality.”

“It’s hugely different,” she continued. “Just being able to have freedom of speech and being able to be myself, as opposed to being what they wanted me to be.”

Going into a little more detail about her Made in Chelsea storylines, she explained: “I had a lot of things going on in real life that were involved in the show… Like with Charlie Mills.”

MiC fanatics might remember that Daisy was linked to fellow newbie Charlie during her time filming. After some flirty pre-series 14 Twitter bants, she even confessed to going on a date with him.

“Then he obviously somehow was linked to Tiff,” Daisy reflected. “And it was all very weird, because I was hanging out with him and then going to film with someone else.

“I was thinking I should be filming with Charlie. If I’m seeing him off camera, I should be seeing him on camera. That kind of thing.”

The socialite is much happier on EOTB, telling us: “It suits me a lot more. I’m excited for people to see me as a person a lot more.”

Of course, Ex is all about finding love. Well, it’s a little about finding love and a lot about waiting for the people of your past to emerge from the sea.

Daisy has previously said that she’d want to date a man from Chelsea (despite the fact that she has previously been linked to The Only Way Is Essex‘s Lewis Bloor), but she seems to have enjoyed meeting “different” people on this show.

“In Chelsea, you’re around people you know. You all have stuff in common,” she said. “Whereas doing this… I was thrown into a place where it was completely different people from different walks of life and different backgrounds.”

“People are very quick to judge me from the way I talk and whatnot,” Daisy continued. “I don’t know. it takes you out of your comfort zone completely, but it was a great experience.”

We guess we’ll have to tune in to find out whether she hit it off with anyone.

Ex on the Beach premieres on MTV on Wednesday, August 15 at 10pm.

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