Frozen 2 and Hamilton hit Disney+ just in time for major streaming boost

FROZEN 2 and Hamilton have hit Disney+ just in time for a major streaming boost.

Today is a big day for Disney+ as it adds the biggest animated movie of all time and Broadway sensation Hamilton to its schedule.

Their arrival coincides with Disney+ lifting restrictions on its streaming bandwidth to boost picture quality.

The company – along with other streaming services including Netflix and Amazon Prime – had reduced their streaming quality earlier this year at the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

The decision was taken by the companies in a bid to reduce the strain on broadband networks around the world as millions of people were placed in lockdown in their homes.

Thankfully broadband infrastructures have been able to cope with the increased demand due to people working from home – or having more time to binge their favourite films and TV shows – and so Disney+ has followed its competitors and lifted the streaming restrictions.

Disney+ allows viewers to tune-in to shows and movies at Ultra HD picture quality with HDR and 5.1 surround sound, as long as they have the right products such as a 4K TV with HDR.

A spokesperson for Disney+ said in a statement: "The temporary bandwidth reduction that went into effect earlier this spring is beginning to lift and the full Disney+ catalogue is now available to stream in HD and UHD formats in the UK and Ireland."

This is great news for Disney fans, considering Frozen 2's arrival on the streaming service.

The animated film starring Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell made a staggering $1.32 billion at the box office when it was released in November 2019.

Meanwhile Hamilton is one of the most acclaimed theatre productions ever, winning multiple Tony Award, GRAMMY Award, Olivier Award and Pulitzer Prizes since its Broadway debut January 2015.

The original recording of the show, starring creator and writer Lin-Manuel Miranda, cost The Walt Disney company a staggering $75 million for the rights to broadcast it.

It was originally set to premiere in October 2021 but was brought forward by a whole year in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and theatres around the world remain closed.

Frozen 2 and Hamilton are available to stream on Disney+ now.

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