Game of Thrones: Tyrion Lannister’s mistake revealed in Daenerys Targaryen twist?

Game of Thrones may have finished earlier in the year, but with the HBO show’s world being so huge, it’s impossible not to discuss it at length. 

Now, talk has turned to Tyrion Lannister (played by Peter Dinklage) and the way he acted in the final season.

Before season eight, the beloved character was thrown from pillar to post and was blamed for almost every bad thing that happened. 

However, he was inherently good but carried a couple of mistakes on his shoulders. 

Reddit user, Thinker_145, wrote an extensive theory about what was wrong with Tyrion.

They noted how he almost switches everything about his character at the smallest hint of betrayals. 

The forum poster said: “Having done a rematch of the series I am even more baffled at Tyrion than before. He is not only a treasonous character from season seven finale onwards but also incredibly stupid. 

“His ‘soft corner’ for Cersei is complete madness. In season seven finale he apologises for what happened to her daughter and he also then says that he intends to save his house rather than destroying it.

“He kind of forgot that this woman legit tried to have him killed twice and he was privy to that. Having a more fresh perspective of his time in King’s Landing and all the things Cersei did to him, I simply could not stand that scene between him and her in season seven finale.”

They go on to suggest how Tyrion doesn’t brand Cersei a “monster”, something which she so clearly is. 

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What’s more, the way he acted with Daenerys is further evidence of his flawed character. 

They add: “Daenerys was the only person of power who gave him opportunity and allowed him to prosper free of prejudice. She gave him respect and recognition, something he desired all his life.

“Yet he chose to betray her long before she became an evil person. No one should have been happier to see Cersei die than him and he even said that multiple times but yet all his actions clearly show a soft corner for her which is just madness.”

They conclude: “In the end he is simply a treasonous and incredibly stupid character, a downfall from what was the greatest characters in all of fiction. Him ‘winning’ in the end doesn’t really matter since nothing that happened in the finale made much sense anyways, it all just seemed to happened for the sake of it.” 

Tyrion ultimately cared too much for his Lannister family to ever believe they were bad people. Perhaps if he did, he maybe could have played the game a little better and got something more than Hand of the King as punishment. 

Meanwhile, there could have been the emergence of a meaning behind Rhaegal’s death.

The beloved dragon was cruelly shot down by Euron Greyjoy (Pilou Asbæk) in season eight. 

However, VFX supervisor, Martin Hill, revealed there was supposed to be a longer sequence which would ensure people knew he was dead. 

He recalled: “ “Originally the final death was meant to be three separate shots, but when we first reviewed the first animation with [visual effects supervisor] Stefen Fangmeier, we thought we could give it a greater impact by combining them into one sweeping, graceful, orbiting and line-crossing camera move around the dragon to almost Dany’s POV where we watch him dive into the water.

“This meant we flew past Rhaegal’s head, right at the moment he gives his dying breath and added a large fluid simulation for the blood spraying out.”

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