‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Sonny’s Feeling Optimistic, Nelle’s On Top Of The World, And Maxie’s Torn

General Hospital spoilers hint that the week of July 2 will have some juicy developments playing out across multiple storylines. Peter may seem on the brink of being rescued when he apparently heard someone open the door, but he may not be quite that lucky. However, the search for him is getting hotter with Sam increasingly determined to figure out where he is. Sonny is reportedly getting some positive news and Nelle’s future with Michael is looking bright, or so she thinks.

Viewers saw as Elizabeth got excited to welcome her childhood love Terry to town, and she was stunned when she opened the door. Transgender actress Cassandra James is playing this role and General Hospital spoilers indicate that viewers will be seeing Cassandra for a bit in the episodes to come.

SheKnows Soaps details that during Monday’s episode, Sonny will get good news about something while Michael takes the next step in trying to convince Nelle to marry him. In addition, Chase will be revealing the truth about something. Nelle will be putting her best foot forward as the week plays out, but things will get complicated when an appointment is moved out. However, Michael steps up with a possible remedy.

Sonny will work to reassure Carly that they’ll get her situation turned around and General Hospital spoilers detail that he’ll soon be hearing from an old friend. Sonny and Jason will also connect, and it sounds as if Jason will have some encouraging words to share during their conversation.

Viewers will see Maxie feeling pulled in two different directions, explains Soap Central, and this may be related to some mixed emotions she has regarding Peter. She will confront Sam about the search for him, certain that Sam and Curtis are working on tracking him down. General Hospital spoilers share that during their discussion, Sam will question Maxie on why she wants Peter found.

There’s a father-and-son chat between Scott and Franco coming up during the week of July 2 and General Hospital spoilers note that Oscar and Kim will have an emotional chat together as well. Sam wraps up some loose ends from her past and it seems that Julian will be looking to expand. Kiki is going to be feeling relieved, to an extent, and Josslyn will do her best to fix a mess.

As for Peter, General Hospital spoilers hint that he will share some words of caution with Liesl, so the mess of hiding him in the woods will continue for now. Nina is getting antsier by this with each day that passes and Sam may soon put the pieces together to connect Liesl with the missing Peter.

Will Michael really marry Nelle? What will it take to get Carly out of Ferncliff? General Hospital spoilers tease that there are fun twists and turns on the way and viewers are anxious to see how everything comes together in the episodes ahead.

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