'Gilmore Girls': Everything We Know About Miss Patty's Love Life

Ultimately, two Gilmore Girls romances mattered more than others to fans. Richard and Emily Gilmore were the quintessential married couple, and Luke Danes and Lorelai Gilmore were the endgame couple for most fans. Still, there was a lot to learn about the love lives of some of Stars Hollow’s more mysterious residents. Do you know everything there is to know about Miss Patty’s romances? 

Miss Patty was married four times to three different men 

Miss Patty might have tried to keep things mysterious, but she still let some details of her life before Stars Hollow slip out. Gilmore Girls fans never actually learned where she grew up or spent most of her life, but they did find out that she was married four times to three different men. 

During Lorelai’s bachelorette party, Miss Patty revealed that she had been married four times. She married a man named Sinjin first. After her first divorce, she married John, followed by Sergio. She married Sinjin a second time but claimed the second union was disappointing. 

The quirky dance instructor seemed to have a true love, though 

While none of Miss Patty’s marriages worked out in the long run, she appeared to have a soft spot for Sinjin. Based on how she described him in “Red Light on the Wedding Night,” he might have been her true love. 

When Sookie questioned Miss Patty about her marriages, she mentioned that Sinjin was her “Burton” and she was his “Taylor.” She didn’t seem to date all that much following her second shot at love with Sinjin, although she was ever on the hunt. The pop-culture reference was one of the most obvious of the series. Miss Patty was referencing the love story between Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. 

Burton and Taylor were married and divorced twice. While their love story didn’t have a fairytale ending, Taylor still considered Burton her real love. According to The Washington Post, she once said, “the men in my life were just there to hold the coat, to open the door. All the men after Richard were really just company.”

Miss Patty seemed to have a “type” based on who she flirted with 

While we never saw any of Miss Patty’s former husbands and just one date during the entirety of Gilmore Girls’ original run, she did make her physical preferences fairly obvious. Over the years, Miss Patty flirted her way through the men in Lorelai’s life. Her flirtation was the most brazen with the tallest men Lorelai knew, though. 

Miss Patty got flirty with Richard Gilmore and made more than one comment about Richard’s height. She also flirted with Christopher Hayden. Christopher, at 6’1, was short in comparison to Richard, but still tall by normal standards. So, did Miss Patty have a preference for tall men? We may never really know, but it seems safe to assume she might have preferred men over six feet. 

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