‘Glitch’ Season 3: Filming Has Already Begun On The Third — And Final — Season

Filming is currently underway in and around Melbourne and regional Victoria as the Australian series ties up ends in its final season.

Glitch has turned into a quiet hit for Netflix. The Australian drama series is a twist on the popular zombie genre and delves into the stories of several people who have randomly risen from their graves. Now, Australia’s ABC has announced that filming is currently underway for Season 3 of Glitch. However, for fans of the series, this news is bittersweet, as this season will also be the last.

Season 1 of Glitch delved into the obvious confusion arising from the undead turning up in the small Australian town of Yoorana. Only able to traverse the town itself, these newly risen characters die once more when they cross over the perimeter of the town. The undead in Glitch is not like the normal spate of zombies currently popular in the genre. Instead, these people appear as they did in life, with no decay. In fact, some, such as Kate (Emma Booth), are returned whole, since she had a mastectomy to try and save her life prior to dying of cancer.

Season 2 of Glitch arrived to mixed reviews. The Guardian was not so sure Season 2 worked as well as Season 1, describing the characters as “drop-dead boring” and the season, as a whole, answering questions that no one was asking rather than the ones laid down with intrigue in Season 1. However, Junkee refers to Season 2 as a “more grounded” season.

Regardless of reviews, Australia’s ABC has decided to round out the series with a third and final season.

According to the press release, filming on Season 3 of Glitch is currently underway in Melbourne, Australia. It will be filmed “in and around Melbourne and regional Victoria over the next 11 weeks.”

The ensemble cast of regulars is back in Season 3 of Glitch. Patrick Brammall, Emma Booth, Rodger Corser, Sean Keenan, Hannah Monson, John Leary, Aaron McGrath, Rob Collins, Luke Arnold, and Swedish legend Pernilla August all billed as returning for the final season. In addition, Jessica Faulkner, Harry Tseng, Jackson Gallagher, Dustin Clare, Susan Prior, and Anna McGahn join the lineup.

ABC Head of Scripted Production Sally Riley offered the following statement in regard to Season 3 of Glitch.

“We are so proud of Glitch and storytelling risks it takes. The stellar creative team have taken the show to a whole other level and Season 3 promises to be a thrilling and hugely emotional journey for our Risen and for our audiences.”

“It’s a pleasure and a privilege to complete the Glitch ride with so many of the great people who we started with,” says showrunner Louise Fox. “We’re thrilled to finish the story exactly the way we always wanted to.”

Glitch is a Matchbox Pictures production with investment from ABC and Netflix, in association with Film Victoria. Emma Freeman is acting as director and associate producer. Tony Ayres and Louise Fox are listed as executive producers on Season 3 of Glitch, with Julie Eckersley producing. ABC Executive Producers are Sally Riley and Brett Sleigh. International sales are handled by NBC Universal International Distribution.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Glitch are currently available on Netflix. Season 3 will air on Australia’s ABC in 2019 and then will likely move to Netflix as it has done so with previous seasons for the worldwide audience.

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