GMB sparks Ofcom fury after Dr Hilary row with publican who ejected Keir Starmer

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Good Morning Britain viewers were not happy after tuning in to witness the grilling of pub landlord Rod Humphris on the ITV programme.

The interview which saw Dr Hilary Jones clash with the publican sparked much controversy, leading to 80 complaints to the broadcasting regulator.

The watchdog confirmed: "Viewers complained about treatment of the publican who had ejected Keir Starmer from his pub."

Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer was thrown out of a pub in Bath after he was confronted by an angry landlord about lockdown restrictions.

Rod Humphris, a co-owner of The Raven pub, aired that he was unhappy with Labour's action over Covid-19 measures.

The pub landlord tuned into the show last week, to speak about the stint that saw him eject the Labour leader from his establishment.

Kicking off the interview, Susanna asked: "Firstly did you know that the Labour leader was planning to drop in?

"No, not really I knew some labour person was coming and i sort of assumed it was a local councillor that wanted to talk about something…

Interjecting, Susanna pointed out: "Wasn't this something that was agreed by your business partner?"

"Yes clearly that was the case but I failed to attend to the detail as I always do and there was Kier Starmer on the street so I decided to give him a piece of my mind," the landlord reasoned.

Rod gave his view that he didn't feel social distancing was working and that he wanted someone to stand up and be the voice for the people.

At which point he came face-to-face with Dr Hilary Jones who appeared to be foaming at the mouth.

Dr Hilary fumed: "With the greatest respect Rod I think you should stick to pulling pints rather than advising the government about policy on the biggest public health issue for the last 100 years."

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