Good Girls season 4 spoilers: Will Rio’s ex help him take down Beth?

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Good Girls season four has been given the go-ahead for NBC and Netflix, and fans are excited to see Beth Boland (played by Christina Hendricks) return. In season three Beth found out Rio (Manny Montana) was still alive after she attempted to shoot him, and he confronted her about her plan. Viewers also met Rio’s ex-wife Rhea (Jackie Cruz) and they are wondering whether the former couple would join forces to bring Beth down.

Will Rio’s ex help him take down Beth?

In season three Beth called on Rio’s ex-wife to get some insight into him, and the pair ended up becoming close friends and confiding in each other.

Rhea warned Beth about the kind of character Rio could be, saying he would disappear but then pop back into her life at any moment.

Beth was not completely honest when it came to explaining her connection with Rio, so it remains unknown how Rhea really feels about her new friend.

From what fans have seen so far, Rhea empathises with Beth and the position she has found herself in, and it seems she is willing to help her out.

However, some fans believe the whole thing has been a ruse between Rhea and Rio, and she is actually part of a bigger plan to take down Beth.

The series is yet to delve deeper into Rhea’s backstory, with fans only knowing her as the mother of Rio’s child.

With this in mind, she could play a bigger role in season four as viewers find out more about her relationship with her ex-husband.

Rio had sussed out the connection between Beth and Rhea, and used their meeting as an opportunity to confront her about why she tried to kill him.

While some fans believe Rio is in charge of the criminal gang, others believe it could actually be Rhea who is running the show.

Rio has indicated there may be someone above him, and there could be a reason for Rhea to have a hold over her ex if he previously abandoned her and his child.

Fans have noticed how, despite what he did to her, Rhea shows no fear towards Rio and she is free to do as she pleases.

This suggests her job in the healthcare sector is just a façade, and she is in fact more deeply involved in Rio’s plans than fans think.

On the other hand, Rhea could simply be the mother of Rio’s child and there is nothing more to her role in the series.

Viewers are yet to find out how much Rhea knows about Rio’s relationship with Beth, but she seemed to know a lot about what had been going on. Some believe Rio was the one to intercept Beth’s plan and he called Rhea to meet her and keep close watch over her.

Some feel Rhea is likely to take Beth’s side and join the team as the fourth Good Girl, along with Ruby Hill (Retta) and Annie Marks (Mae Whitman).

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Fans have already fallen in love with Rhea’s character, although they did not expect her to be who she said she was. One fan said on Twitter: “I actually hoped that Rhea was Rio’s sister, especially because they kinda look alike #GoodGirls.”

Others believe Rhea has a bigger part to play in Beth’s demise, with one fan saying: “Rhea sent him to deal with you, sweetie!! And you think Rio is your problem…#GoodGirls #TeamRio.”

Viewers will have to wait and see what side Rhea is actually on, as others are still convinced she has swooped in to lend a hand to Beth.

Another fan said: “I kinda had an idea Rhea would be the unexpected help.”

Rhea has already helped Beth out by vouching for her when she made up a lie about being pregnant. Beth had told Rio she was expecting a baby so he would not kill her.

When Rhea found out about Beth’s plan, she struck a deal with the doctor so the story would add up.

Fans have come up with their own plans for season four, with one saying on Twitter: “My s4 pitch for Good Girls: Beth and Rhea become a couple and raise their kids together while simultaneously driving Rio out of his business and destroy the patriarchy.”

Hopefully, season four will delve deeper into the lives of Rio and Rhea before Beth came on the scene.

Another fan said: “Rhea said it. Rio isn’t dumb. I want to see Rhea and Rio’s relationship, if there was one. Was it serious? Was it a fling? Were they married? And how she was put into difficult situations being with Rio or how she moved on from his lifestyle. #GoodGirls.”

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