Green Guide letters: TV viewers have their say

A heroine for our times

Hooray for the return of Agatha Raisin (ABC). What's not to like about this feisty, skittish heroine as she trips along on impossibly high heels, ready to meet every challenge with the help of some dedicated friends. As if this was not enough, this wonderfully addictive series is set in the gorgeous Cotswolds.

Ashley Jensen plays the feisty sleuth Agatha Raisin.Credit:ABC

Helen Scheller, Benalla

To Costa's credit

I disagree with Helen Heggie's comments about Gardening Australia (Letters, 31/1). Costa Georgiadis does a sterling job of leading the team and certainly does not need to be replaced. I have grown to admire him as he has retained his persona regardless of some critics. He is also enthusiastic, knowledgeable and an interested gardener when presenting his own segment of the program. I am looking forward to seeing what the team produces for its 30th-anniversary celebration this Saturday.

Gloria Fleming, Oakleigh

Points of order

In the review of the Uniden XDECT 8355 cordless phone system by Alice Clarke (Livewire, 31/1), Clarke states that… "turning off the old copper networks is causing major headaches for people who once relied on having multiple phone ports", ostensibly because "with the NBN you have access to only one port on the modem". This is misleading. The average house always had one phone port (point) entering the house. From this "point" a technician ran extension cables to various points around the house (eg. bedroom, kitchen). Nothing has changed in this regard – you still have one phone port – it's just now, instead of coming on a separate cable from the street, it comes to you at the back of the NBN modem. If the existing wires, to the various phone points are connected to the modem by a technician, the phones in the house will work as before. Telstra states that up to five phone points can be connected to their modem.

Harry Demos, Vermont South

Rosehaven's winning return

Welcome back Rosehaven! Celia Pacquola and Luke McGregor are a comedy match made in heaven with their endearing portrayals of two eccentrics who balance their quirkiness with a loyal friendship and an everyday sense of fair play that's universally relatable. ABC comedy is a mixed bag at the best of times, but this one is an absolute gem. Long may it run.

Bruce Watson, Belgrave

Quantity, yes, quality, no

When we consider the tens of thousands of movies made and at least a thousand great movies, why oh why do we get the same crap movies shown again and again on free to air. We saw more and different movies when there was only four channels. And they wonder why people reckon free to air is crap.

James Lane, Hampton East

Hold your tongue

With respect to Tony Gray's suggestion of a commentary on SBS's slow documentaries; No, no and no.

Peter McGill, Lancefield

ABC's wonder women

Great to see Emma Alberici back on the ABC on Foreign Correspondent on Tuesday night. So many wonderful, intelligent and measured women on the ABC – radio and television.

Heather Frith, Essendon

Culture shock

Thankfully the tennis is over and I won't be forced to watch ads for what must surely be the most appalling reality show ever – Married at First Sight. Silly me; I thought arranged marriages weren't part of our culture. I would have expected Nine to be at the forefront of indignation over such a phenomenon occurring here, but obviously I was wrong.

Rob Parker, Elsternwick

Nothing to see here

Why do the producers of Test cricket broadcasts think we need to see the batsman on strike from 20 metres above his head? The only worse view would be from several metres under his feet!

Leo Gamble, Mentone

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