Greg Davies flustered as Taskmaster guest strips off Ive got goosebumps

Taskmaster: Greg reacts to Morgana Robinson’s stripping story

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The current season of the anarchic Channel 4 gameshow is reaching its end, with just one more round of tasks to come next week. This week, the celebrity contestants were given a strange bodily challenge, and Taskmaster Greg Davies was rather flustered when Morgana Robinson revealed her technique. 

Morgana and the rest of the contestants were challenged to give themselves goosebumps in the fastest possible time in the penultimate episode of series 12. 

Comedian Guz Khan and QI star Alan Davies managed to wrangle some ice to complete the challenge, but Morgana had other ideas. 

Greg’s assistant Alex Horne revealed she swiftly left and came back into the room with visible goosebumps in just under three minutes.

However, viewers at home weren’t privy to what actually went on behind the scenes.

The Taskmaster recalled: “Morgana, what we actually saw was you running outside and then returning with goosebumps.

“And I filled in the narrative and… woo-hoo!” he exclaimed. 

Morgana explained: “I just went, ‘Everybody stay inside!’ 

“And then I ran out and I literally stripped off and I got all my bare skin and I sort of hugged the dome.”

In the recent series, the Taskmaster grounds have added a glass dome within which a number of messier tasks have been completed. 

For this challenge, it served as a perfect cold conductor to raise goosebumps on Morgana with winning speed.

Greg was clearly flustered by the image and replied: “Right, okay.

“Well, it worked. I’ve got goosebumps again,” he giggled.

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Alex added: “She got her goosebumps, visibly, in two minutes 49, so it’s pretty speedy.” 

Morgana’s cheeky tactics received plenty of admiration from viewers as the episode aired on Thursday.

Twitter user Ros said: “Greg getting flustered over Morgana apparently stripping off is all of us.”

Her success prompted ‘wows’ from her fellow contestants, including American comedian Desiree Birch who found the challenge slightly trickier.

“Did she get some goosebumps?” Greg asked. Alex admitted: “They weren’t massively visible, but…” 

“Sorry my goosebumps aren’t big enough to satisfy you,” Desiree cracked.

Morgana managed to come out on top in this round, but Desiree Birch was the overall winner in the last episode before next week’s grand final. 

Taskmaster airs Thursdays at 9pm on Channel 4.

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