Halloween Kills star Jamie Lee Curtis looks spookily like mum Janet Leigh in 1960 horror Psycho

JAMIE Lee Curtis looks spookily like her mother at the premiere of Halloween Kills.

She wore a blue dress and wig like Marion Crane, the character her mum Janet Leigh played in the 1960 horror Psycho.

Jamie, 62, even carried a bloodied shower curtain to the event in LA to echo the classic murder scene from the Hitchcock film.

The murder of Janet's character is the film's pivotal scene and one of the most famous in all of cinema.

The scene – which was shot from 17–23 December, 1959, with 77 different camera angles – runs three minutes and includes 50 cuts.

After shooting the scene, Leigh – who died on 3 October 2004 at the age of 77 – revealed she never looked at showers the same way again.

She said: “I stopped taking showers and I only take baths.

"And when I’m someplace where I can only take a bath, I make sure the doors and windows of the house are locked."

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