Harry and Meghan lookalikes freak out Britain's Got Talent final viewers

The Britain’s Got Talent 2018 final had a couple of Royal guests turn up tonight (June 3), and host Declan Donnelly couldn’t resist having a chat.

However, instead of being treated to the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex like we were lead to believe, the BGT bosses tried to terrify us all instead with some freaky masks.

At first glance, you might think it could actually be the newlyweds in the audience, until it appears, Britain’s Got Talent has actually turned into a horror movie.

Naturally, viewers took to Twitter to express their terror at the creepy masks.

One viewer wrote: “Those Harry and Meghan masks weren’t at all creepy, with their dead eyes”, while another added: “Those Harry and Meghan masks are so freaky!!!”

However, there was one Royal Wedding connection that was actually real tonight.

Bishop Michael Curry – the Chicago-based head of the Episcopal Church who came over to the UK especially to deliver a passionate address at the Royal Wedding – actually blessed the show.

In a pre-recorded video he said: “Hello, Britain’s Got Talent. It is a joy to bring you these greetings to all of the contestants, to the judges, to the audience, to all who make this possible.

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“Thank you. Thank you for what you’re doing. Thank you to the contestants who offer yourselves, share your talent and share your gifts with the rest of us.

“You actually help to bring some joy and happiness, so thank you, God bless you, God keep you , and may God hold us all in the almighty hands of love.”

Britain’s Got Talent airs on ITV.

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