Here’s Chris Pine Doing Shakespeare in a Scottish Accent for Stephen Colbert — Watch

Friday brings a chance to see two hours (well, around there) of Chris Pine speaking as if he grew up thousands of miles away from California. Still, his character in “Outlaw King” did live a few centuries before the time of Shakespeare.

Wednesday night on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” Pine talked about how, even with that gap in timelines, reciting some classic verse helped him nail down the tricky brogue for his daily work as Robert the Bruce. When Colbert pressed him on giving the audience a little taste, Pine offered up a few quick lines.

Of course, Colbert prompted him with a little bit from “Macbeth” (don’t read this post out loud if you’re backstage somewhere), sliding right into the “Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow” speech from the last act of “Macbeth.” (If those lines sound a little familiar, they played a pivotal part in one of the latter episodes of “Barry.”)

For those unfamiliar with the historical basis for the “Outlaw King” story, Pine also dons his Medieval Studies 101 professor hat for a bit, explaining the differences between the “Braveheart” version of the Robert the Bruce tale and those in the soon-to-be-released David Mackenzie film.

Pine also mentioned that “Henry V” was another favorite accent prep tool in the trailer, so if anyone from Netflix is listening, it’s not too late to put a bonus feature of Chris Pine doing the St. Crispin’s Day speech under the “Trailers and More” section. Scottish, Boston, natural: whatever accent, doesn’t really matter. There’s probably a demand for it.

The Shakespeare bit starts around 3:12, but watch the full clip (including Colbert catching himself 1.2 seconds after an interesting choice of words) below:

“Outlaw King” premieres Friday, November 8, on Netflix.

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