Here’s why Columbus Short was killed off Scandal

When we think of the main characters killed off in our favorite shows, we usually assume the plot is the reason for their untimely departure. For most binge-watchers, we get emotionally attached to these characters, and in many cases, we don’t get the closure that we need; Orange Is the New Black, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Sopranos are just a few examples of this. Other times, these characters simply disappear due to actors not wanting to renew their contracts, much like Jill Marie Jones’ abrupt leave from Girlfriends.

For some actors, however, their attitudes and off-screen drama costs them their jobs. For Columbus Short, the drama in his personal life became too hot for TV. Between legal issues and drug and alcohol abuse, Short’s personal problems in 2014 cost him his role as Harrison Wright on ABC’s Scandal. Keep reading to find out what really went down behind the scenes.

Columbus Short couldn't avoid his own scandal

Columbus Short did not seem to have any problems on the set of Scandal. However, his inability to escape bad press created a blurred line between his personal life and career.  In March 2014, Short made headlines for an alleged domestic battery incident involving his then-wife. Per TMZ, Short allegedly physically attacked her in front of their children and shoved her in a later argument. TMZ also claimed weeks later that Short allegedly threatened to kill her and himself.

Although Short kept his personal life and his business separate for three seasons, the press surrounding his name became too scandalous for Scandal. In April 2014, the Stomp The Yard star announced his leave from the award-winning series in a statement (via Page Six), writing, “Everything must come to an end and unfortunately the time has come for Harrison Wright to exit the canvas.” Short continued, “I wish nothing but the best for Shonda, Kerry [Washington] and the rest of the cast, who have become like a second family to me in such a short amount of time. For this, I will forever be grateful.” 

Looking back at the rough patch in his life in a 2017 interview with Wendy Williams, he recalled the show’s execs finding him help for his drug and alcohol abuse after being fired. “I’m not campaigning to have some comeback. I’m campaigning to get my life back,” Short said. “Everything is lining up the way it’s supposed to be.”

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